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  1. Lately I've been having a lot of anxiety and panic attacks… A lot of overthinking… Should I ask my husband if he's cheating on me ?
  2. Unfortunately I can't do either of those KS because it usually starts when I'm at work =/ music would be ok but the person next to me is into metal and wouldn't approve anything else.. I don't feel better after crying.. I feel worse.. I feel weak and suicidal..
  3. For a moment it went away.. Then I remembered how worthless I am and the pain starts and so do the tears.. I read somewhere about becoming numb.. I thought about it.. But I'm a coward that wants the easy way out.. unfortunately everyone that works with me knows I don't have allergies :( and the amount of times I'd go elsewhere someone would bring it up.. I don't want to talk to people that are close to me because I don't want to bother them with my stupid stuff.. I know I should be thankful for what I have (because most in the world don't) but I just want to stop bothering everyone with my existence..
  4. I've wanted to write here several times but kept getting sidetracked.. Can someone please tell me how to keep from crying all the time? My heart hurts and I just start crying.. I don't want to show anyone.. Please and thank you..
  5. Hi, I just wanted to say Hello. 

    I read your posts last night and it was like I could've written it myself. 

    Im going through a similar kind of thing. Very depressed with no one to talk too, it's a lonely experience. My husband is the same, thinks you can just press a switch. 

    I'm here for you if you want to talk.:hugs:

  6. When I start reading I wanna go to sleep.. I hate being a bother. Only thing keeping me from suicide is knowing my husband wouldn't stay alive himself to stand the shame .. He's a good guy.. Everyone loves him. He's smart and brings so much to the world.. He just thinks it's easy to turn off depression.. To forget everything..
  7. I've tried professional help before.. It didn't work.. All I did was complain.. I want to fix, not complain..
  8. I don't have hobbies.. I want to always sleep to get away..
  9. I tried posting here before… But it didn't work.. some kind of technical difficulty so I'm giving this another try.. There's so much background that I should probably write.. But right now I'm just crying and I wanted to know how people deal with depression with no support system, no friends, no family. I'm not one to complain.. I never want to make it seem like I have it worse than others. I just have feelings too.. How one do you guys deal when you have no one to talk to? I'd be more specific of my issues but right now I just need this answer. I'm sorry in advance if I didn't post correctly.
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