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  1. Has anyone had withdrawels from Effexor when switching to Paxil?
  2. Took my first dose of Paxil earlier and didn't have horrible side effects so I am so glad
  3. Trying to eat mac and cheese, hope I keep it down
  4. I hate that she refused to put me on a rescue medication for the panic attacks but maybe this will help
  5. Has anyone switched from Effexor to Paxil? If so, how did it go?
  6. Feeling VERY nervous about switching from Effexor to Paxil, hope it helps my Anxiety
  7. Dog you should add me on hearthstone!
  8. Hoping my doctors appointment goes well today and that I will get a rescue med for these panic attacks, still can't eat anything and keep it down, was up most of the night still sick :c I hope everyone is doing ok today
  9. Oh Raven, that's terrible!!!!! I hope you feel better soon - vomiting, how awful! And with everything else you've had to deal with lately including the migraines! So sorry! Thank you, I know it seems like there's always something wrong with me -.- but lately there is. And the vomiting hurts so much
  10. Hi! My name is Raven and I struggle with feeling tired all the time aswell, I believe honestly that it is my depression. However lithium does tend to make people really tired so you might talk to your doctor about it! And good for you for doing all those things for your health, that's great!
  11. Have been vomiting since I woke up this morning, so hard that it is making tears roll down, can't eat or even drink water. Plus my CPS appointment went awful today and the lady told me migraines aren't something that needs to be treated at a chronic pain place, so angry, sick and exhausted at the same time
  12. Oh no, (((hugs))) I hope you get better soon
  13. Hugs to everyone and I hope it gets better for everyone soon
  14. Even before she was an addict it was bad but now it is so much worse
  15. She never listens, she has hated me since i was born, i just try and go to my room but she follows me. I wish dad would just kick her ass out, i'm tired of her and her being an addict
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