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  1. You always brighten my day whenever you comment, you have never said the wrong thing to me!
  2. Could the mood swings possibly be due to a medication you are taking? Maybe talk to your doctor about that. HI, thanks, I don't think it's because of my meds... I think it's because of my life circumstances which don't make me happy. Right now I live at home with my parents at the age of 45 and I work from home alone with very little interaction with others, which I need. Plus I lost my greatest dream a year and half ago because I got sick, so that causes a lot of my depression. I'm kind of stuck for now though so I think I just have to deal with the ups and downs. I will still talk to my doctor about it when I get one. I'm in between therapists right now too which doesn't help. Thanks for your thoughts. :) Well I hope it gets better for you soon <3
  3. Not doing well, Migraine is bothering me, ears are red and feel like they are on fire, and getting slammed with a panic attack, I cannot get into see another doctor until I get some money for the co pay which means no rescue medication for panic attacks until then :c
  4. Not really good. My mother is passing in and out again from medication, it is really stressful and she says and acts like it isn't a problem but to outside people and even myself and my sister, we can CLEARLY see it is. Really just sick of it. I've lost all my patience with this . It is hard to try and make myself not feel panicked.
  5. Bless your heart, I cannot say I know exactly how it feels but I dreamed about going to college all my life and then depression and anxiety and chronic migraines hit and I didn't even get to enroll in the first place. It is a sad feeling but just keep in mind that if you can find the right medication to calm your depression, there are SO many schools to choose from that you could re enroll in if you feel like you can. Good luck to you and I am terribly sorry about this.
  6. I have chronic migraines too and they are a Biotch. My health gets in the way of me doing anything, i havent been on a date in over a year and i cant get a job or go to college either. Sometimes it feels like we are good for nothing but we have to remember that we didnt ask for this in the first place.
  7. Could the mood swings possibly be due to a medication you are taking? Maybe talk to your doctor about that.
  8. I am relieved. Even though my mother threatened to leave last night and took 3 more of her meds than she is supposed to i haven't had a panic attack in a day or two, it feels nice.
  9. Well after the terrible trip I had with paxil last night I feel better today now that I switched back to Effexor, hopefully will have a good day.
  10. Seems like alot of us are having a bad time today, I hope everyone calms down and it gets better
  11. Thank you so much, I will not be taking it again definitely. My doctor assured me it would not be like this
  12. Thank you, honestly I have only taken this once and already panic at full, depression back and suicidal thoughts. I am freaking out big time
  13. My family doctor yesterday changed my effexor to paxil instead of just giving me a rescue med for my anxiety like i wanted, and now it's biting me in the ass. I am calling back tomorrow and if she still refuses to put me on a rescue med, new doctor for me. Never touching paxil again. Terrible panic and depression right now and my face physically feels like it is on fire and is red outwardly.
  14. Having a really bad panic attack and feel more depressed only after 1 dose of Paxil this morning. Taking my Effexor now to try and calm it down. No more paxil for me
  15. Thank you, it's my first time taking it today
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