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  1. Migraine so bad it's making me cry...this shouldn't exist
  2. I would say about 80% of the time I just feel OK, not happy. This is a struggle just like feeling terrible is also a struggle. Try to do things for yourself and not always trying to please others or get their approval. I feel like that is the reason I am not really happy a lot. I try to gain people's approval and love by doing various things for them or letting them vent/fuss to me and it is honestly draining. To be happy and to find happiness, in my opinion would be doing things that make us feel good and make us feel like we are helping whether other people are on board or recognize what we are doing or not. Also, find someone or a group of people who Do understand what you are doing and who do recognize the fact that you are doing things for people to help them and to better the situation. I hope that makes sense to you, I tried to explain it the way it was laid out in my mind. I hope we can both find genuine happiness.
  3. Feeling sad and irritated at the same time. Sometimes I feel like my efforts to do positive things get shunned and it actually turns around and bites me in the ass.
  4. For months I woke up early every morning with my shirt soaked in a cold sweat. It's a terrible feeling. Only taking lorazepam before going to bed stopped that. I hate taking sleeping pills (or any pills), but in this case the alternative is worse. Thank you for the helpful information, it is good to be able to talk to people who have experienced the same thing and know how horrible it is.
  5. You are very welcome, and sorry to hear things have been going badly - hopes for brighter days soon for you (((((Raven))))) Thank you, I've missed you, Pie. (((hugs)))
  6. thank you pie for the info! It was really scary. yeah i've been having a really hard time lately
  7. Feeling really strange, I just woke up and I think I had a panic attack in my sleep, has this ever happened to any of you?
  8. Prayers please, Dad in the hospital in Louisville and have had panic attacks for the last few days straight, can't eat or anything. Shaking, crying, etc. Just horrible
  9. Hello, is that you on the avatar picture? You are a pretty woman, I should say. About the books, are those about self improvement or do they have a religious background? I just don't understand how relationships work and I have noticed that it's not about qualities and attributes so much, it's about perception. It is confusing even at my age (33) when I am supposed to be settled and, if not free of issues, stable. It's like what you want/need/deserve the most becomes as elusive as finding a pan of gold. The books have some religious background but they are mostly about his advice and his experiences, they have Really helped me along the way with my anxiety. And yes my picture is me, thank you very much ^_^ I wouldn't say depression and anxiety is an addiction as much as just an unfortunate circumstance that we are all in, if that makes sense :)
  10. Welcome, GMS82. I would suggest reading some books by Edgar Caycee, or about him. The books he writes are good at making you feel like you have purpose and answer several of life's questions. Also, as far as relationships go I also feel that I would be a fairly good catch but have been alone for going on a year. I think that the problem is just because we as individuals see our worth does not mean that other people will slow down and take the time to notice our worth aswell, try to put yourself out there, live your life the way YOU want to and someone will come along. Stay hopeful. As far as the Anxiety, I am very similar to you, there are some days where I will go without any Anxiety attacks at all and then suddenly the next day it hits me and I feel completely hopeless again. So you are not alone, I promise. Try to keep in toch with us and also let me know if those books help you! Raven
  11. ((((Epictetus)))) And also hugs to anyone else who is struggling today, may peace find you.
  12. My dear friend, It seems like everyone around you is putting ENORMOUS amounts of pressure on you and I know you can't just up and quit because it is a source of income but I feel so bad for you, I hope your anxiety goes down soon and I love you very much, although it is bad news, still glad that I got to hear from you, you are one of my biggest supporters on the site.
  13. Aw I am sorry Mulberry, much love and support your way
  14. Agreed, are you on any sort of medication for it? It might be worth checking into before things go on farther. <3
  15. Although neither will be an easy decision for you, living in your parents image is not something you should push on yourself, if they are manipulative/emotionally abusive, etc. You need to vut them out of your life completely, especially if this is the cause of your Depression as you suspect. Depression is not easy and you do not need people in your life that make it worse or harder on you than it already is. We are here to support you no matter what your decision is though. Much love, Raven
  16. Hoping the Suicidal Thoughts will lessen once I get on an Anxiety medication from new Psychiatrist. Still, not having them every day though, thankfully.
  17. If only! Was the movie any good, Sue? (((jesslynn))) Awesome that you're feeling inspired and making it through a lot of craziness. I know how it is when you want to get things done without any break, so I can't without a hypocrite tell you to take small breaks, but it is definitely wise to. Come 5pm your brain probably needs time to itself to recover from the day. Good luck for the next 4 weeks - we'll be with you in spirit! (((Raven Winter))) I hope that you feel better soon and can get your medications filled soon. I know how awful it is to be in unbearable pain with no relief in sight. If the pain keeps up at this severity, would you consider going to the emergency room? I go to the ER occasionally but they tell me it's just a headache D:
  18. Benadryl did help earlier to calm me down a little, however I couldn't get my pain meds filled today and am in ALOT of pain to the point I am throwing up aswell.
  19. Thank you guys and Mulberry I actually posted yesterday asking if it helped anyone with Anxiety, I am going to try it
  20. do you know the source of these attacks? Can you try to control them yourself? Why are they happening? Getting at the root of it may help. I think it is probably because we are getting evicted, going to lose our car, my mom being an addict, etc/
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