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  1. I really need good thoughts today guys. When going out of the way to be nice just turns into you getting a pile of thrown back at you it is exhausting to try and keep putting the nice out there. I feel as though I am getting bullied quite a lot of days. I would be happy with any advice you guys could give me as I see this person every day of my life almost. I would also like to know any tips you all have on Anxiety attacks or having very low self worth issues. Thank you guys and I hope everyone is doing remotely ok, or at least as good as you can be in your current situations.
  2. You definitely need to get out of the relationship quickly. Even if he isn't physically abusive it will escalate to that. I have been in the exact type of situation with an ex boyfriend. He started out just yelling at me and it escalated to throwing a chair and then he hit me several times and gave me a black eye. Don't let it get to that point <3 I really do care about you and worry about everyone on the site. I hope it gets better for you River.
  3. River, is he abusive? I may have missed the post about how he treats you
  4. Thank you Mulberry. Still REALLY struggling tonight. One of the worst days of my entire life, or at least one of the worst I've had in awhile. All the love and prayers(if you guys pray) you can send are very appreciated and necessary.
  5. Thank you River, it is just exhausting, annoying, and hard and sad for me to have to deal with and it is magnified by 100 today, it's like i can't escape it. I am trying to keep my cool but I just want to fight honestly.
  6. Hey River, I am feeling the exact same way today, I am sorry you are going through it aswell, how have you been doing? I haven't been on the site lately because I was afraid it would make me more depressed and suicidal instead of less. Sometimes when I see everyone else going through the ringer it stirs up feelings for me too. But I am really in need of support so I decided to pick it back up again.
  7. Hey guys, I need some info on this for my dad. He has been taking Cymbalta for a week now(just about) and it is 60mg and today he woke up feeling very strange, crying, and feeling like he is having a breakdown. Is this just a side effect of getting used to the medication? Granted he has a high level of stress and trauma last night but I am wondering is it the meds or just the situation. Any answers of you guys experiences would be extremely helpful. Thank you all as usual for the support <3
  8. Feeling extremely stressed today and prayers are appreciated, I think one of my best friends and family members is having a depressive breakdown because of one of my other family members that you guys know about. It has been a very bad night/morning. Want to cry and hide. Getting in to see a therapist soon so I hope that atleast helps.
  9. Thank you Mulberry, you always make me feel better, truly
  10. Stressed, depressed, anxious and in a LOT of pain with migraines the last few days
  11. I feel pretty good today, finally got my pain meds refilled now that all the snow stopped. My pain medication also controls anxiety, is it that way for anyone else? I take 4 Lortab 7.5 a day
  12. So glad we are up and running again! I had to go to the er night before last and found out i have cysts on my ovaries and also a UTI and the antibiotic i am taking has causes sweating, insomnia, and major panic so i am no longer taking it, going to switch to another one after i go to the doctor
  13. I really identify with this. But sometimes you have to re-dream those dreams. Is there anything you can do within the constraints of your illness? Not really. I lost my job, I quit school. All I do is stay home. I have really nothing to look forward to. I am actually in a very similar situation. I have an illness that prevents me from working and/or having dreams or goals. I literally sit home almost everyday all day also, it really is a terrible situation to live with/in. I feel so sorry for you, especially since I have the same issue
  14. Hmm..... you've put a lot of work into this one already, right? One suggestion is to finish it so that you feel a sense of accomplishment, regardless, and then work on the next topic? You may be more frustrated giving up on the current novel and switching gears right now... just food for thought! And if the rules aren't quite as strict on teen novels, you may still have a chance of getting published? Good idea to see what your writer friend thinks! Awwwww..... (((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))) Can you call your sister? Yes I talked to her earlier, just think I've finally reached my breaking point honestly; and it isn't going well for me
  15. Just feel like I'm having a breakdown at this point. Tears everywhere and just this hopeless feeling. I wish my sister hadn't moved away, I miss her so much and just the amount of comfort she gave me just being there in the next room.
  16. (((((((((Icy_rose)))))))))))) this sounds extremely difficult :/ Anxiety and panic attacks cannot be controlled... don't feel guilty. Sounds like you're dealing with and going through a tremendous amount of stress, Wish it weren't so. =( Cry if you need to... it helps to release a lot of pent up emotion. :hugs: Thank you, crying does help alot.
  17. I hate that feeling, similar to my anxiety. What is going on that you are scared of?
  18. I also feel this way and have been for a couple of months, I feel like I am really trying to fix a relationship within my family that I have but I feel like it is very one sided due to the other person just being stubborn. It is extremely frustrating and to the point where it actually gets physically tiring to me because I feel that my efforts are having absolutely no effect and it is so much easier for me to just not try since I am not getting anything back.
  19. Anxiety Anger Fed up. Actually 4 words but whatever I also wish I knew a lot of you in real life, the internet/forum support really does help me but I wish I could hangout with you guys so we could just laugh and forget about what is going on at the moments that bother us.
  20. Just woke up and already being thrown into panic because my Mom is so high strung and running around like crazy. And I am tired of my family telling me that I can control it because I can't. I should know better tan to expect people to understand what random panic feels like. Sometimes I don't even have a trigger, it just happens. I should not have to feel guilty about the fact that I have anxiety and panic attacks. ****ing ridiculous, excuse my language but it really angers me and also makes me want to cry at the same time.
  21. I hope it's better today. I've had those. They suck. You seem to get them really often and I'm wondering if consulting a specialist & getting good meds for them would help. {{{{{icy_rose}}}}} I go to a pain clinic and see a neurologist, I actually have Chronic Migraines and have had for a round 7 years. Thank you, it is better after sleeping
  22. Hi IcyRose, I know this feeling well. I get this all the time at work and it's discouraging. But don't let that stop you from continuing to make an effort and doing positive things. Positive actions do bring about positive results a lot of the time. Others who can't appreciate it for whatever reason may not see it or even value it, but don't let that stop you from being who you are. It's a beautiful trait to have. =) Thank you for the kind words
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