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  1. Hello everyone! I am an 18 years old guy, living in Romania. I am a normal person, I am not too different. My family belongs to the middle class, we are not rich neither poor and I am the only kid my parents have. Before I tell you my problem, I would like to mention that it's the first time I post of such a forum and I am not a native English speaker and I am a little tired so please forgive my grammar mistakes. So, as an average guy I consider myself, I don't really have any friends, real friends, not just people I with whom I have some small talk from time to time. I rarely go out, very rarely, as I don't have with whom. But otherwise my life is ok, I talk to girls from school (only 4 guys and 20+ girl in my classroom and I do not get along with any of the guys so that I can have a friend with common interests), so I am not a lonely freak. But I want more than that, I want to have real friends who I can really trust, who can help me when I need them, with whom I can have fun with. At least, I am going to the gym, for 1 year so far so it is pretty much like an anger management therapy. But it is a "two blades sword" as it calms me down, makes me look better but, also I have to diet. So this means I can't go drinking or eating crap all day long and most of the people I know do this at least every weekend. I don't know if it is ok to blame this on her, but my ex really destroyed my life exactly 1 year ago. We were together for 2 years. It has been a very nice relationship and my only one. It was the first relationship for both of us and we became really close in no time swearing that we will never break up or cheat on each other and we were making plans about having a family etc (stupid kids, right?). Well, we are also classmates. It is the senior year so, it's not so long to go, only about 8-9months left. We have been classmates for 7 years. Her parents denied for no reason the relationship for a few times when they found out but she kept telling them that we broke up. 2 summers ago, they send her to countryside and our relationship begun to die. She was sending messages very rarely, only 10 a day or so while we were used to talk all day long, she was lying that she had to do housework and so on. At some point she has lost her phone signal for a few days and I went crazy, asking random kids from that village on facebook about her etc, and I found out that she is just fine and that she has a boyfriend there. I was like "what the ****?". During that time she kept telling me she is working and she is feeling sick. She even lied about some "thing" a doc. saw in her head during an MRI. I don't know if that guy was her boyfriend but I really can't understand how could he be her boyfriend. I asked him from a false facebook account and she had pics of her, her phone number and so on. The funny thing is that he is fat, ugly, almost bald, poor and stupid as he studies at the worst high school from our city while we study at the best. She kept swearing that she doesn't know him, that she never leaved her grandparents yard and so on. All were lies, proven. (long story). When she came back she was totally different. I didn't even knew her, she was always pretending sick or ********, when I was asking questions about what I found out she faked that she is ******** and does not know me and crazy like that, she even had some serious suicide attempts when I wanted to leave her. The next weekend she went back there and on Friday she knelt in front of me begging not to leave her and swearing that she will prove me wrong on Monday. On Monday, she texted me at 6 in the morning saying she was leaving me and she just went to school. There she acted like she was ******** and she challenged me to hit here a few times and she even started hitting me and she tried to break my phone. I was angry as f*** and hit her, not so hard and she run away and I kicked her leg and she felt down with her lip bleeding. I felt sorry and went there to help her up while everyone was thinking I am trying to beat her. After all, everything was planned, that was what she was looking for. After a few hours she showed our messages to a teacher, deleting hers from the conversation, making me look like a ******** sex addict. (we use to send dirty messages for fun from time to time) and so on. Imagine how people looked at me after the event and I don't think I was guilty... She even said that she was afraid of me for months while a few days ago she was the one kneeling and she got in my father's car cause it was raining and so on... And she said that I beat her because she wanted to leave me. Some people still believe this despite I have told this story to a few and everyone was like:"the f***, it makes sense, I believe you" Above all this, I could have destroyed her life with some pics and videos and so on too, but I am not that time of person. I even told that to others and everyone asked me:"what are you waiting for?" I know the story is long, but that's the problem. Before her I had a few friends but she was always lonely. She was extremly jealous and forced me to not have any more friends except her and after that event... It was very difficult to make any friends. Now, after 1 year, people still remember it, a ******** boy from my school kept saying a few days ago:"this is the day... bla bla" every 10 minutes. Since then I have not been close to anyone and I didn't have any other girlfriend, except some dancing and kissing with some unknown girl in a club while being drunk. (As little as it was, that really helped me a lot). The biggest problem is that I still think about her several times a day, especially that now, school started and I see her again everyday. Well, she is totally different know, even her voice changed a lot, her behavior too and she really ain't the same person I used to know... What should I do?... I am quite bad at social skills, I can't find people with common interests so I can talk to them about something like gym, soccer, cars etc especially now girls and I have 0 flirting skills and I am quiet shy and I don't really know how to act.
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