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  1. Well... He pushed me away. Still there for him and reaching out once in awhile to let him know I'm still here, but not often that I hear from him.
  2. I really appreciate the responses :) This may be more of just advice for myself, but how do I keep from getting my hopes up on this situation? Every weekend I give myself this glimmer of hope that he'll be ready and want to hang out, but he usually has other plans with his brother. Which ends up leaving me super disappointed, and I don't like feeling that way. He keeps saying that we will soon and talks about the things he wants to do together. There's a huge list, and I feel like I'm missing out. Might seem ridiculous since we haven't met, but I know that I want to be with this guy. He wants to take it slow, and we have been, but is it possible to let him know my needs about meeting without making him back away? I just feel like until that happens were stuck, and I want to move forward.
  3. Thank you! All of that makes perfect sense :)
  4. Quick back story: I met a guy on a dating website back in April. We talk often, as in all day everyday. We've become very close and he's basically my go to person to talk to about my day to day life, and it's the same with him. We haven't met yet, because he says he's not ready. Well he is ready, and wants to meet me but is afraid I won't like him in person. He has bad teeth (I've seen pictures and I'm not bothered by it) and generally just doesn't feel that he's good enough for me. He recently confided in me that he spends most nights crying in bed, and that he's a nobody, has nothing, never will and he doesn't know how much longer he'll be around because life is so hard. He has said many times that he would be happy with me, spending time together etc and he really does want to meet but he's afraid. So from what I've gathered he's in self sabotage mode. He feels he's at bottom right now and although he wants happiness he's scared of getting it and then losing it. So right now he has the happiness of talking to me, but if we take it a step further he's either going to lose me then or lose me down the road. At this point, I'm not pushing anything, just trying to be consistent with my feelings and be there for him, and even if there ends up being no relationship id still like to be friends. Is there anyway to help ease his mind about meeting? I'm at a total loss, and really just want to give this guy a hug and be there in person because I know it would help him.
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