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  1. Oops, I forgot to mention what actually makes me anxious haha. It's the thought of quiet or crowded rooms or both mixed together. I can't go to meetings or assemblies because I will immediately get a panic attack but it's started happening in a lot of my classrooms as well to the point where I don't go to lessons a lot of the time. Thanks for the reply!
  2. Today I had a phone call with a woman who is going to arrange a meeting with my new therapist but to be honest I'm not feeling hopeful about it. The last two therapists I've had haven't helped me in the slightest and I've only gone downhill since then. The first one got obsessed over the fact I had a physical illness when I was younger and believed all my problems were to do with that illness and dismissed me when I said I didn't think it was (I know it wasn't to do with it because I actually dealt with that illness well and, although I admit it probably made things worse, it didn't cause my problems.) Then my second therapist I still see now (she's more of a counsellor I think? I'm not sure what her official title is...) has no useful advice. I told her my panic attacks are getting worse both mentally and physically, I need coping mechanisms, I even admitted I felt the need to self-harm sometimes and all she said was 'but what if you didn't get anxious? why don't you have a day of not being anxious?' It actually upset me because I obviously would have tried that if it worked and all my problems would be solved haha. Maybe my new one will be better anyway because I'm in a high risk category now and I'm being more honest I guess about what I'm really thinking all the time. Anyway, does anyone have any actual good experiences with therapists? Any coping mechanisms (especially with school and social environments)? Thanks!
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