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  1. I have a long history of depression and anxiety. Ever since childhood and experiencing physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, depression and anxiety has been a part of my life. Does depression and anxiety define who I am as a person? Not in the least. I just happened to be born to a highly dysfunctional family and this is the main aspect which put me at a greater risk for experiencing depression and anxiety on and off in my life. My name is not "depression and anxiety." I have learned how to take care of myself---sometimes the hard way. But I know what works for me and what helps me function and live a meaningful life. I have a good psychiatrist who is working with another psychiatrist in a IOP I am in. IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) is an important part of my current treatment and I have found it to be very helpful as it has taught me skills to learn to deal with stressors and challenges in life. I have had a pretty rough childhood, but I refuse to let my past dictate my future. I appreciate places like this where I can speak freely and honestly and have the extra needed support. ~Browneyed_gal61
  2. My manager knows that I am dealing with depression and I was working on and off durng the month of August. My doctor became concerned and wanted me to go inpatient for a couple of days so I could get my medications adjusted. I finally had to take a leave of absence and file for disability. It has been over a month and I am felling much better and I am completing time in a Intensive Outpatient Program which has been helpful. Is my boss happy about my being away? I don't know and I don't care. I am taking care of myself because it is the responsible thing to do and I am worth it. I am fortunate to have a supportive husband and sons and friends who care about my wellbeing ~Browneyed_gal61 :bear_wub:
  3. During my most recent bout of anxiety and depression, I can certainly relate to anhedonia. I rarely wanted to do anything--things that I would normally enjoy doing. I am so glad to feel normal; it has been a little over a month since I have started my new medication and I am so glad that I started it. Anhedonia is like hell on earth and it is as debilitating as the depression and anxiety...... :verysad3: ~Browneyed_gal61-----> (this is me now)
  4. Hello Chloe, Searching for a good therapist is like looking for a good doctor. If you aren't happy with one, you move on and find one that you will be happy with and who will meet your needs. Unfortunately, finding a good therapist might take time. I hope with this new therapist that they would be helpful for you. Deb mentioned CBT and that is a great idea. CBT will help you work on the issues you have in a manner that is useful for you. Best Wishes, Browneyed_gal61
  5. Hi John, This is a great place to be and it is never too late to get help. You may think you have wasted part of your life, but now is as good a time as any to get the help you need and work on decreasing your anxiety. If you haven't reached out for help, you need to consider this. There are medications that can help with anxiety so you can move on with your life and not be hindered by anxiety. ~Browneyed_gal61
  6. Hello all, What has helped me is something which I have never experienced in the past. I was in a partial hospitalization program for 3 weeks and today I was started in a intensive outpatient program. IOP is about 4 hours a day, Monday-Friday and I along with other ladies, attend "classes" having to do with self-esteem, spirituality, mindfulness, nutrition, and exercise along with other topics. Getting enough sleep, taking my medications, and follow-up care has also been helpful. I would recommend PHP and IOP to those who have not tried it as they both give you tools to deal with your individual MI when you need it. ~Browneyed_gal61
  7. Since SSRIs are the gold standard when treating anxiety, it seems that it would be the best thing to try prior to using an anti-seizure medication. Anti-seizure medications have the main side effect of drowsiness and I would think that they would be better off used as a last resort if at all. My doctor gave me hydroxyzine for both anxiety and sleep and so far it has seemed to help, but I have used it primarily for sleep. I think it is a better alternative.
  8. If I am having trouble with anxiety or sleep, my doctor ordered hydroxyzine. I have only taken it for sleep and it worked well. My anxiety has been well controlled since my sleep got back on track.
  9. A great day overall :D

  10. MCstruggle, Glad you found this place; it is a great source of support. You really need to find a psychiatrist and a therapist who can help you in ADDITION to this. I can't emphasize this enough. I personally have 2 great psychiatrists (one who is a part of the PHP I am in) and my other is my regular one. The PHP--partial hospitaization program is where I go 6 hrs a day Monday thru Friday for classes with other ladies who are going through similar things as I am. Please get yourself some help---and soon. You deserve it! ~Browneyed_gal61
  11. Welcome Sunday....... :D

  12. I have been on Wellbutrin XL for several years and it has, overall, worked well with me. I now have the addition of Zoloft (for depression) and Loxipine (for sleep and mood) and this combination has worked well for me. What I like about each of these meds is that I only have to take them once a day. That always makes taking medications easier to remember to take them, Wellbutrin and Zoloft seem to "wake" my brain up in the morning. Loxipine, a antipsychotic, helps to relax me and I fall asleep sooner and stay asleep for the most part.
  13. I am taking Zoloft with Wellbutrin in the morning (for depression) and Loxipine at night (for sleep and mood). This combination has been working well fo me since the end of August and I am hoping it works well forever! I am well rested because of the new addition of Loxipine because insomnia was a HUGE problem for me, Browneyed_gal61
  14. I have to admit that depression and its symptoms make relationships difficult. I have been married 29 years and my husband has seen the effects of depression on me, yet he has been supportive. But I need to do my part as well. Depression is not any different than any other chronic illness IMHO. I have been both proactive for the most part and responsible for my care and I think that is what makes the difference, I can only imagine how hard it can be for family members when full blown depression strikes. When those affected by depression use all they have as support--therapy, see your psychiatrist, support group(s), medications--you are doing yourself a favor and your family and friends as well. I want to live a life as free from depression as I can and I will use all my "arsenals" listed above to help!
  15. I googled for a depression/anxiety support group and found DF.
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