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  1. Sad tired headache Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
  2. Its bad enough i cant function half the time right now,but when im really down that is when the hubby decides to yell and cuss at me and tell me to stop acting ignorant.....yeah its ignorant to be depressed....really? Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
  3. I was recently diagnosed and most of family responded with "Its all in your head,snap out of it" Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
  4. There is so much bad in the world right now that i stay in a constant panic,my fear is so tangible i taste it,when i do leave the house and i see ppl happy and laughing and just living i wonder do they not read or watch the news,are they not afraid.....is just me?....i am so jealous of ppl who can live and find joy and happiness in this world....all i find is fear,darkness. Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
  5. My anxiety started when i was 5,i wpuld lie awake at night and hyperventilate over fear of death then as I grew up I lived with a single parent who had a complete nervous breakdown and ignored us completely as a teen I acted out the things I do in fear of death and the depression never left me got married had two kids he tried to **** me literally but that situation ended I escaped with my kids and life went along with my anxiety, depression coming and going and then I started dating and when I tried to end it he rapes me and that sends me into a downward spiral my family blamed me for it. Then I found out my son had autism so we decided to move out of state so for his care and 3 weeks after moving I found out both my children have been molested my family thought I was going to die I was so angry so depressed so hurt I couldn't get out of the funk. Family member that I was close to three months after I came live with them to get away from everything passed away from cancer and life went on depression me acting out even though I had to make kids I drank a party and now the met my husband I'm a born again Christian compression remains fear and anxiety fear of death is the worst it suffocates me my depression has become so bad that it has caused me to have seizures I actually have my clonic seizures. Prove my hubby the other day that I feel like I'm screaming on the inside yet no one hears me no one's listening and I just want to fade away disappear faith keeps me going my children keeps me going but I'm just hanging on by a thread sorry for the long vent God bless Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
  6. Im a christian i know im going to heaven win i die but i have what doctors call a phobic fear of death.....ironic to say the least Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
  7. Jesus says that all who come to him heavy burden and ask for his forgivness and truly brlieve that thru him is the way to heaven...that you can lay your burdens down and your sins are washed clean and to be no more...i know its hard but try to that Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
  8. I am a christian who believes without any doubt that my ABBA Father carries me and that i dont make this journey alone...that i will make it thru the fire of depression victorious because nothing can stand against YAWEH...and the devil is a liar that i will trample under my feet. Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
  9. He knows by Jeremy Camp...i play it every time i feel the funk coming on,it reminds me that i am never truly alone..For HE said I will not forsake nor ever leave you. Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
  10. Mine varies,i tend to feel "better" during the late p.m. hours but then ill be tired the next day so that throws me off Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
  11. I felt and still feel isolation sometimes even though im married with 2 teens in the house,i get thru it with my faith,i know HE is always with me and i am never alone,it helps me...i hope things get better for you. Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
  12. I feel trapped in my own body,like my bones want to burst out of this imperfect shell,its mind numbing sometimes Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
  13. Wanting to cry off and on all day,cant get the whats the point of any of it out of my head,ugh Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
  14. My MDD causes me to have Myclonic seizures,I also have chronic joint pain which keeps me in a continuous funk.
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