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  1. Thanks. Anxiety is at a all time high. That may be it. Might be time to look into meds. Will talk to my dr and try this one more time
  2. Is this even possible? I suffer from dyspnea(shortness of breath) but the fast majority of the time its when i am in half sleep or wakes me up. Wondered if anyone has panic attacks during sleep or if its even possible
  3. Ill be fine. Dont worry and feel better soon sweets
  4. First of all let me just say my dr is being consulted also. Just looking for more advice . if this is not allowed here please delete Past two months lost 25 pounds. I was a bigger guy 269. 5 "7. Weight loss jumps arent rare for me. But startled me. Lately very fatuiged and sleeping a ton. I am 47 and a smoker. Anyways about 2 months ago had echo stress test. Chest xray normal . then about 2 weeks ago i had blood in my phlegm . not just a little. 3 times in 2 days so went to ER. They took blood work . chest xray . said looked normal and gave me levofloxine 750 mgs. Still had a couple incedences of blood but far less. Other day a week later noticed it again. Not much but still there. Dr and others said its prob from smoking irritating airways. Past couple nights and today have had sob issues. So my question is this. Do i push for a ct or just trust my dr and the er drs that im fine. Keeping in mind ive had health anxiety in my past.
  5. But anything is better then nothing
  6. Experiment with diff foods. For example i love chicken nuggets. Well i made some and started to eat. My body said hell no. So i tried mashed potatoes and ate it in record time. Then later had pizza and also had no problems. For some reason right now there are certain foods i just dont want. Try some soup and crackers . see how it goes
  7. I used plenty of fish and ok cupid a few years ago. Actually met someone from cupid. Didnt work out but we are still friends. Give it a shot. Wont know if you dont try
  8. I am same way. Actually lost 25 pounds in two months. Try to eat smaller servings. Nothin major. Jello yogurt. Whatever. Even now there are some foods thst i love that i cant eat. I bring it to my mouth and i want to puke. . For a few days i forced myself to eat simple things like toast, crackers etc. My appitite is slowly coming back .but i also had to treat the source of my anciety.
  9. My dr said you shouldnt split. Keep in mind he is just a reg dr so take as you want.
  10. I will ask my dr about it. Ty. He wont give me narcotics and i wouldnt want them if he would
  11. If you believe what she is saying, give her the space and be there for her. I generally don't believe in going backwards in any relationship but by you being there for her and allowing her to deal with her demons... Could make the relationship stronger in the end. I think you really need to ask yourself how well you can do this. And if she is important enough to you to do it.
  12. You using Tapatalk? If so don't, sucks major butt with df
  13. Need one geared more towards anxiety then depression. I have health anxiety rather bad. Effexor ,Zoloft are off the table. Any suggestions? I prefer something that will help halt it. Not drug me up after its hit
  14. Yw sorry couldn't be more help the only one I know you can split dosage is bupropion. Off the top of my head but I am going to my Dr in the morning. I can ask him
  15. Good question. I don't think you are suppose to split dose them but that might be a better question for your Dr. Or maybe even pharmacist. I've always taken all mine at night
  16. I also had the sob thing. My Dr took me off it right away and put it on my allergic meds list To be fair my system is very touchy to new meds so that prob played a roll.
  17. And im larger. I want to lose weight but when i think ive lost to much i freak so know where you are coming from
  18. I got the chills from them and felt high so i stopped after a week. Chills was pretty bad.odd thing was. They didnt start till i took it for 3 or 4 days.
  19. Ah ok. One less thing for me to freak out about
  20. Sometimes it helps to let it out. I know it did for me. Took a long time to trust again but getting it out and talking about it helps alot over time
  21. Oh ok. I dont have that but only happened once and i read somewhere that its not that uncommon. If it happens again will bring it up to dr next visit
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