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  1. Thank you guys! It's helpful knowing people care. ?
  2. Hi all. It's been a long time since I posted here. I'm really struggling right now, I got a new job and I've noticed that it's really hard for me to connect to people. It's like I don't feel like I'm a real person. I can't access myself-my intelligence, my communication skills, memories even. Like things from a few hours ago I won't be able to form coherent thoughts about because I don't really remember it. I say stupid things, socially awkward things and it's like I don't know how to hold a conversation anymore! I've been diagnosed with a dissociative disorder and maybe I'm in denial about it, maybe that's what this is. But how do I cope?? I haven't been able to see my therapist for a while and that's been a struggle. Anyway, any insight is appreciated!! Thank you all.
  3. Is it normal to feel like, "I don't have DID. I'm leaving therapy and never going back. Nothing is this bad." Is that normal??
  4. I've always taken that med in the morning. I wonder if that might help?? Could you ask your doctor about it? I totally understand the unsettling nausea though. Mine lasted months and I hated it!! I hope you find your answer.
  5. Hello and welcome! I have had a lot of nausea/stomach pain for months and the only thing that seemed to make it go away was going gluten free. However, Sertraline does make me nauseas if I don't take it with food. Could that be an issue? Or have you increased the dose? Sometimes that makes it come back, too. Good luck to you!
  6. Hi Rhyl. I'm sorry you're going through a rough patch. :( I really appreciate the time and effort you took to answer my question. Means a lot to me. I also think you have some really good suggestions. I'll try it out and let you know. I've done a couple but I need to pay more attention. :/ I hope you feel better soon and let me know if you need to talk.
  7. Does anyone have ideas of things I can do between therapy sessions to gain the trust and cooperation of the parts that aren't so sure about getting better?? Thank you!
  8. Yeah, I'm not sure I can keep taking this. It's only been two nights but I feel sick and my sleep is worse!
  9. Hi. I'm just concerned about this story with your therapist. How long ago was this? Are you still seeing him?
  10. I think there's a lot of overlap with diagnoses. But yeah, it took me 13 years to get where I am now with this DID diagnosis. :/ I didn't know what was going on, but now I'm more in the loop. I think the more you understand it, the better you can deal with it. That's nice you can email your therapist! I can with mine too. :) Good luck and keep us updated on how you're doing!
  11. Hello. I've been diagnosed with DID and PTSD. I think it's worth talking to your therapist about, if you haven't yet. Some symptoms overlap in PTSD and DID. There are also levels of dissociative disorders. So you could have one but maybe not DID. There are tests for it, one is called the MID. I don't know what it stands for and I'm not sure if you can get it online---I'm guessing not. My therapist gave it to me to take. Several times. :) Anyway, let me know if you have other questions. I'm still figuring out the DID stuff, too! It's confusing, for sure!
  12. Oh man! Same! I just started taking this last night and my blood pressure is pretty low, too! I woke up this morning and I can hardly stand up, I'm so dizzy! I hope that goes away soon... :/
  13. Lol okay thanks for the laugh Nisemono! I actually really needed that. :) it means a lot that people care. I wish I knew what was bothering me, but I don't. I think something in me was triggered by a dream I had but I can't remember it. Kinda dreading tonight and tomorrow, but I'll survive. Thanks for your response and making me smile. :)
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