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  1. you mentioned that actually you wanted to break up with her so this should not be an issue besides both of you couldnt stand each others odour. I'm astonished that being severely depressed and suicidal one could still be dating.
  2. I have taken almost every single anti depressant in the market and none worked for me. MAOIs, SSRIs SNRIs, even ECT. They me feel worse and left me with a horrific feeling. Exhausted of options, my psychiatrist accused me of not wanting to get well. I wanted to start a thread asking if there is anyone out there like me where anti depressants dont work for them but sadly I didnt make any efforts to do so cos what difference does it make? Anti depressants do not work on me and I have to continue living this life of mine. It has been 4 months since I stopped seeing my psy. No point. Not getting any better at all. just functional.
  3. The brain zaps will come eventually and they are horrific. when u want to go off SSRIs u have to taper down very very gradually. even that, u'd go through hell. bear with it. it might take up to two months after totally stopping it. it happened to me and it will pass
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