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  1. Could be. My Dr. said it was a bit of a stimulant and actually did a number on my anxiety so she switched me to Lexapro. But if I were you I would talk to your Dr. and find out if that could be the reason. I hate starting new Meds. Good Luck, take care
  2. Let em talk, they don't understand, if it was cancer or some other disease they would be more helpful because those types of diseases are more understood by the public. Mental health issues are still kinda ( for a lack of a better word Taboo) Most people think hey I got problems too, they don't get it and probably won't. The weird thing is I am almost to the point of "yep I sitting here crying doing my work, just leave me alone, and if I take off running out the door don't worry I'll be back, I have depression and anxiety and I'm working on it" but of course that won't work. But it would give them something to talk about. The more people I let know the more people seem to understand. They realize I'm not the type of person who would do this for attention or sympathy, that it is real and that I want to get better and that I am trying to get a handle on it. I think even those of us who suffer from this disease are kinda ashamed of ourselves in a way that we can't just "Get over it" and that is why it is so hard. But were not quitters, we will survive and better days are coming. Good luck you all.
  3. I would make healthcare available to everyone, especially try to make mental awareness an issue. I suffered through alot because I couldn't afford to go to a DR. or afford the prescriptions. I think there are so many people who are in need but just don't have the ability or know how on how to get help. I couldn't believe how long it took me just to find someone to help me. Alot of Dr.s just wanted to give me scrips and send me on my way. I got more honest and helpful advise on this forum than I did from Dr.s. Who can afford a shrink with no insurance? And even when you have insurance trying to find one who accepts it is another problem. Also I would look into helping people with mental issues financially, before they end up on the streets homeless. Make sure they had someplace to go when they couldn't go to work for whatever reason. That is so sad. I've been so close to that point. Unable to work and facing eviction, no phone, no place to go. Things are bad enough already and than you realize you have no car, no phone, no shelter and no way to get any help. It's like pouring salt on a wound. I am extremely grateful for this forum but there should be places where people can go for a few days where real Dr.s can actually see and find out whats going on with someone. Not just here try this and see if it works. Sometimes the meds do more harm than good and when that is the case people need someone there, to observe check on them, make sure the results are the right ones. It just pi**es me off that the best they can do is prescribe something, I get scared every time I get a new script, and how it may affect me and what if it causes me to lose it and I'm alone. It's scary. They need to figure out a better way of dealing with mental health issues. I guess if it was me I would make sure everyone who had this type of problem would be able to go somewhere they felt safe, were given treatments to see what would work best and didn't have to worry about their losing everything they had. That somehow once the meds and stuff began to be effective that they would be able to return to their homes and continue on with the lives they had struggled to get. Maybe just a month or 2 of debt forgiveness from mortgage companies and utilities I know they could figure out a way to do this. I think they make enough money already. They figured out ways to get to the moon, to fund wars, they can figure out how to help. Oh well that's my rant for they day
  4. My Dr. just prescribed lexapro for me yesterday. Anxiety is more of my issue than depression, I was on wellbutrin which really made my anxiety unbearable. If Lexapro increases the anxiety I don't know if I can handle it. I don't know what to do.
  5. Hello, My Dr. changed my script and now wants me to try Lexapro. As usual my anxiety is preventing me from taking it. I'm sitting here shaking and staring at the bottle. Why is it so hard. I want to feel better but I'm think too much about the negative effects instead of the positive. I guess I am just looking for honest opinion about how it has affected others. Thanks ahead of time for any input.
  6. You never know unless you try. I bet some craft stores or art places may like it. I mean whoever would've thought pet rocks or chia pets would sell. As for marketing and how much to sell it for I have no idea, but if you have an idea and you like it than you should go for it.
  7. I want to do these things and every morning I tell myself just do it but it just never happens. I hate my brain. It's a constant battle inside my head.
  8. Denied, bummer, I'm about to be evicted. I could appeal but that won't do me any good because I have to be out at the end of the month. This sucks. I don't have any money to go anywhere else. I don't want to burden anyone anymore
  9. I've known co workers who were on 40 hrs restrictions. Honestly it was none of my business as to why. Personally I don't feel comfortable with everyone knowing what I am going through. Not even all of my family knows. I think that is why I like this forum because I am kinda anonymous.
  10. I don't think anybody is ever happy with their weight. I know I never am.
  11. I'm sorry, Bad day huh? I've been there, but hang in there. There is so much to hang on for. It might not seem like it right now but don't give up. Tomorrow may be the day you've been waiting for, maybe the perfect guy or girl, love, being there for someone else, we are all entitled to some happiness , just some of us have to work harder to get there, that makes us stronger than the others also. Take care
  12. Yeah, I always say it's best to have things checked out physically but once the Dr's assure me everything is ok, than yep I pretty much blame it on my body's reaction to my anxiety. My neck and shoulders are always sore. I think thats were alot of my tension goes when I'm anxious. And it does make you tired. Sometimes my arms feel like I have been digging ditches all day long when I hadn't done anything too physical at all.
  13. For me it's my anxiety, I work myself up thinking about stuff and convincing myself "do it, don't do it" that it makes me, for a lack of a better word "Crazy" than the depression comes into play.
  14. Can't really say. You make a good point of whether or not it might remind him of why it had to be written to begin with. When my depression first started (Bad) my youngest daughter brought me a little heart necklace. She wanted to cheer me up. I wear it 24/7 sometimes I find myself holding onto it, because of the love she has for me and wanting me to be happy and that makes me feel better. Than other times I think I know she loves me but I wish she hadn't had seen me sad. In the end though I am thankful for it. To know she cared enough, her way of trying, it makes me feel better. Sorry that's kind of a mixed up message.
  15. Isn't it funny how people think a certain song has one meaning and than the artist will tell you what the were thinking when they wrote it, and your like "Whoa" that isn't even close to what I thought they were singing about.
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