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  1. Hawaii? Can I come visit you ?! Seriously, I'm sorry for those having a hard time. I am no exception, but I know there are those that have it much harder and I'm thinking of all of you.
  2. Thanks Carter, i should mention that I learned that the quality of the herbs is important. I had a friend getting me the actual rhodiola root at one point to boil and make tea. there is a broad spectrum of qualities of any given herb and some are not as effective. Like meds it pays to experiment and do your homework.
  3. I understand, at least the drinking part. i definately use the drinking as a crutch at holiday time. Good for you to be taking action. I also worked with a therapist for a while until it was getting a little expensive. I believe some get great results from cognitive behavioral therapy especially paired with medication. I admire you for giving it a go without meds.
  4. Hi MSC, In my case regular exercise has become like a medication. It's so helpful, I really notice if I skip even for only a few days. There are herbs that really make a difference too. We are all different and at my worst meds were really important and but rhodiola rosea and ashwaghanda have both been helpful for me. I really believe they help. There are many others and like pharmaceuticals they can take a while to be helpful. Meditation is a very good habit as well. It also seems to take time to have an effect. You have likely heard all these so often before like a broken record. They may not be as quick and powerful as popping a Xanax, but we all know that might not be the best habit to get into. (though I admit that Its a comfort to know it's there if I really need it) If you haven't had a go at some of these then there is a very exciting opportunity ahead! You do have means within your power. I'm still pretty new here but have found so many thoughtful and helpful people on here to consult as well. I should add that personally I went back on 10 mg Prozac (more for anxiety) about 6 weeks ago and i am still not sure myself if I should be on or off. Its quite a journey trying to find that good place. Good luck!
  5. Yes, I am working at this very thing. to make familiar the things that are helpful. It does seem we here are more familiar with what is destructive and we go there habitually. It's fascinating that we would choose in this way, to identify with the pain and the struggle and not the silver lining
  6. wow. i so appreciate the contributors and contributions here. So thoughtful. another great topic. I'd never heard of existential depression. Knowing we will one day die and having to choose our own purpose and meaning (or meaninglessness) does pose a daunting task. such responsibility. a little scary. this really got me thinking this morning. Its seems we are all in the same boat though on this so i challenge Yaloms subtyping of depression.
  7. Hi, You have brought up a great topic. Maybe its depression that drives some artists to create. It certainly can get in the way and make everything seem flawed. You put that very well bigmike. Choosing to pursue a career as an artist is risky, but all decisions in life involve risk in some way. Life is risky. As far as talent, in the world of professional artists talent is a hard to define concept, but discipline commitment and perseverance are clear absolute requirements. I have made my living as an artist for almost 20 years and there are many days weeks and months of great dissatisfaction. It's normal. It comes with the job. Maybe depression makes us reach unrealistically for a glimpse of perfection that just doesnt exist in this world. That is a very thoughtful post you wrote. You sound like you are on the right track and you are so young. Please pardon any tone of preachiness that i may have. I just see the same things every artist struggles with in your message and i want to assure you that its ok. Forge on :) Best of luck on your journey.
  8. Your posting of this topic made me smile !
  9. Northeast Florida is chilly, but the sun is beaming right now. It was dark and drizzly this morning.
  10. Thank you standup. You are so right. They are tricky. If it helped before I think it will eventually help me get there again. This time of year is tricky too. So much expectations and its hard to slow down and enjoy it. i feel a little better already :)
  11. Hi, first off my love and best wishes to all on here who are struggling. It really helps to know there are others and that things can get better. So to keep it short, I have been on prozac 10 mg for about a month. I have been on it before and though it took time (can't quite remember details) it eventually managed my anxiety and depression with just 10mg a day. I stopped taking it 2 years ago because i believed it was time and I was ready. Only a few months after stopping I felt the need to be back on. I tried up to 30 or 40mg as well as a couple of other meds but i think i was too impatient. Everything made me feel worse and i quit them all after several months of bouncing around. Ive read often that it can take a really long time so i finally decided to give it another try... So my primary question is should I keep waiting? It definitely felt better on 10 in the past. I was however on trazodone at night and .25 or .05 xanax in the morning for a couple months also. Maybe i need to pair it with those again? I know the doctors are supposed to answer this but i'd love to know if anyone has similar experience, and no one knows more than the contributors here. I like that we can help each other. I really feel a lot worse than i did before. i want to stop taking it. i don't want to take the xanax, but i am reaching for it once or twice a week. Is prozac going to curb this feeling after a few more months? I hope i can keep sticking it out. Make sense to anyone? Thanks in advance. God Bless.
  12. i realize that i left off one big part. I still rely on .25 or .05 xanax at times for social anxiety, and to be candid i use alcohol to be more social regularly but don't drink to excess. and i could use some daily meditation so i plan to recommit to that habit.
  13. Hi friends, I have found so much conflicting information and was hoping someone on here had experience they could share that would help. I was on and off prozac for several years. i was at 20 mg and 10 mg and off a few times until finally staying at 10 for about 2 years. After being off a few months i noticed a pronounced weakening of libido. the doctor had me try a few different depression meds as well as prozac again i actually felt a lot worse so i eventually bailed on meds completely and now that its been about a year off I am ready to see the doctor (again) to get a solution. I am a 45 year old male. there is much info online pointing to issues with dopamine and that wellbutrin can help bring back libido. Some reports sound too good to be true, and then there are those that don't sound so good. Though i have been up and down I am not really depressed but still have some anxiety which I've had most of my life. I am actively working on that. I have been taking ashwaghanda and rhodiola as well as vitamin d, fish oil, magnesium, zinc, occasionally some gingko biloba. I feel they are all helpful. I am very active and work out 5+ days a week. I should add that I was pretty on my game when I stopped the prozac. in the mean time life got tough in many ways for me and I now am not where i was by any means but i have made a big come back and am poised to get it all back together. i want my libido back. can wellbutrin help? Thanks for reading. I appreciate any advice and wish all of you the very best in your own search for answers.
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