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  1. I want to watch TV tonight. I am crazy so aI want to see a normal family and relax. The Learning Channel let me learn something helpful. The Discovery Channel let me Disvover. The History Channel - I want to learn about history and help me go forward. I long to learn but I do not want children to see your previews. 90% of our population wants to see people like 90% of our population. I am different, mentally ill, and no one has a show about me. I need the $. Not for plastic surgery, just for help with my mental illness!!!
  2. Impermanence....wonderful ideas. I am not at the point. We are talking taking a shower and going to the grocery store a maior task. I am not ready to join anything but the human race. Thanks though...maybe in a few months.
  3. Thanks for replies. I do redecorate often. I will consider meditation or yoga when my poor ogerworked brain slows down. Right now I am struggl8nt to read.
  4. Hi and so sorry re your Mom. I wish I could say time heals...it doesn't. I was in your same situation and fought for help here in PA. I could not get anything for mental illness but knew I needed daily counseling. I went to a free drug and alcohol clinic (no drug issues but did self medicate with alcohol). Anyway - it got me into the system and now have a PDoc free. The D&A therapy helped ... Got me up and out daily ... And I was with people who had more troubles than just being depressed. Just a thought...
  5. Whenever I am really down in the dumps - I fantasize about selling my house, moving elsewhere (where no one knows that I used to be successful and not a load), pretending my husband loves me. I really truly believe I would be better if I had a different scene out of my kitchen window. UGH. I have lived in the same town most of my life. Everyone knows that I was a great single independent woman and now I am with a man who has ruined my ego so bad - I actually think he is the reason for my mental illness (although it was lurking behind the scenes my entire life). I so want to get out of my funk and live life in a different city. Does that sound crazy or does anyone else have that fantasy? Too much pain in this house, in this town, in this state.
  6. Nick...lost my job at 730 am on August 3rd. Sucks and so hard to pick yourself up from the rejection AND start the job search.
  7. Hello LightMeadow - you have found a good place. I have only been on the site for a few days but have already learned that depression doesn't discriminate, there are people here from all over the world. You are safe and do not hesitate to share. Best wishes.
  8. I will echo LaurynJcat's sentiments - it takes time to adjust to any new medication. I have given up on some Rx's on day two. If you can - give it a few days and you should feel better. If not, call your doc and ask for another Rx. Best wishes.
  9. I had a major speed buzz on wellbrutin and it has been months and still do. Not a good speed buzz - a bad one. I never increased my dosage ...still take 150 mgs. Am I less depressed? Dunno.
  10. Welcome and congrats on entering your sophomore year. It must have been hard for you. Good luck ...it is day 2 for me on this site. I received a warm welcome.
  11. Welcome. I joined yesterday and like you 'lurked'* before posting. Best wishes in your journey. This site is great! *made me giggle - thanks!
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