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  1. It seems like when I'm sitting on the porcelain throne in the bathroom is when I have picking issues with my legs. I pick at bumps on my legs and stay sitting there way too long. My daughter who will soon be 9 is having picking issues as well. It happens when she's sitting there in the bathroom also as well as other times. She picks at bumps on her legs and she has one on top of her hand she's picked at. She's had picking issues for a little while. I can't remember how long. I get angry with her because I want her to stop. She's having trouble stopping and I told her about my problem with it while in the bathroom and I hope that helps her knowing that I have that problem as well. It seemed to help her to know that.
  2. I am better than I used to be and I think that is due to medication. I'm currently on generic Cymbalta, although I think it is not helping me like the name brand and I'm going to discuss this with a new psychiatrist soon. I check locks and stove knobs. I have a fear that electrical wires will catch fire. I like the labels on my canned goods facing forward in my cabinet. I'm afraid of germs. I wash my hands a little too obsessively. The kitchen is a REAL trouble area for me. I don't like working with raw meat or raw eggs. I'm afraid of contaminating others. When I pray, I say some things over and over again because I didn't say them just right or respectful enough. I'm looking forward to trying to get back on the name brand Cymbalta because that helped me so much better than the generic. That's all for now.
  3. I took the Name Brand Cymbalta before the generic came out for about 6-7 years. My depression has been worsening for about a year or longer. I'm wondering if it's because I've been taking the generic Cymbalta. I see a psychiatrist soon for the first time in around 3 years and I plan on discussing this with him. I was wondering if anyone else might be experiencing something similar?
  4. Hi somebunny, I just joined as well. You are not alone. There is help out there. It sounds like you are suffering from depression and there is so much out there to help you with that! You are far from hopeless even though you don't feel that way yourself. It's great that you're not giving up! It would be wise if you spoke to a Dr. about your feelings. As you can see from this site, you are not alone! Keep trying, there is help!
  5. Thank you for your kind words. It helps me a lot to know I'm not alone. It also saddens me to know that so many people are struggling with depression and other mood & personality disorders. Due to my Bible based beliefs, I do know that soon depression will permanently be a thing of the past. And while knowing I'm currently not alone in my struggles is helpful, it is even more helpful to rely on my loving Creator and study his Word, the Bible. I have been having some self-care issues. I have avoided showers. I don't brush my teeth as regularly as I used too. You probably wouldn't know that from looking at me. After a few days, I wash my hair under the faucet in the tub and I take "baby wipe" baths. I use perfumed lotions and body sprays and get told I smell good. If they only knew! I know lack of self-care is a sign of depression. I was proud of myself today. I took a shower and washed and conditioned my hair. I brushed my teeth and went school shopping with my daughter. I do regularly shop, but I haven't gone as much as I needed too lately. I feel very fatigued which I blame a little on my BP med. I'm very overweight and sedentary which doesn't help with energy. I think I've seen this forum before. Early this morning I Googled something like 'I don't want to do anything' and I came across responses on this forum from 2012 that I could really identify with and it confirmed what I already know, that I'm suffering from depression. I have a long history with depression. I've been taking Cymbalta for probably 8 years. I feel like it's not doing its job anymore. My mom said she's noticed me going downhill for about a year. I have an appointment soon to see a psychiatrist. I haven't seen one in over 3 years. I think a med change is in order. But after reading posts on here, I felt so much better knowing I'm not alone. I hope this forum helps you all! (((( Hugs ))))
  6. Hi, it's after 2:30 am and I was looking up info on the internet regarding depression and bipolar. I came across some posts from DF from 2012 and I cried as I read and identified with some of the things ones with depression were going through. I decided to join because I think it is helpful to talk to others and hear from others who are experiencing similar things so you know you aren't alone and it can be motivating to try to change. I hope I can be encouraging and encouraged on here. I hope you all have a good night.
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