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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. thank you all soooooo much for your replies...you have no idea how they have helped. i have still been avoiding the situation. i have still been numb (mostly face/hands) and it is on my to do list today to make the follow up appt w/ a neurologist and get some blood tests done ( i did see my psych and my general doc) so i will let everyone know when i find out! in the mean time your support is INVALUABLE
  3. I also have issues with numbness and pain in my feet and lower legs and have had this kind of lack of feeling, especially in my face. I'm looking forward to seeing you post, again!


  4. wow! god the mind is so powerful and mysterious (i am not sure i like that combo...) my psych does not think it is JUST anxiety... so i have an appt today with my GP and i guess she will refer me to a neurologist to see what's going on. PUPPET have you thought of seeing a neurologist? or maybe your more like me avoidance is my best friend! i will keep you guys updated thanks for your support. you probably have NO IDEA how much it helps! blessings!
  5. Thank you so much gentle sun! i have still been feeling the numbness off and on so i do have a follow up appointment with my doctor. i am still not sure what happened but i am taking it minute by minute... literally. i am on zoloft but i sometimes take kolonopin as needed.
  6. Hello everyone. I appreciate anyone taking the time to read this and offer any feedback. I suffer from anxiety/depression but have not had bouts with anxiety for a while. Last night I was coming out of the shower and drying off when I realized I COULD NOT feel where the towel was touching me unless I looked. This of course scared me to no end and I started making phone calls to get some help when I realized I could not even hold the phone. My hands clamped up in this claw like weird position and I could not unclamp them. Then my whole body could not move. I have never, ever been so scared in my life. My friend called the ambulance as I could not stand up or even shift my body. The brought to the hospital where they did some tests and said nothing was wrong! They said it was a panic attack. I have never experienced anxiety like this ever so I am still doubtful. I work for s social service agency so I went to talk to the director of my program, as she is a licensed councilor, and she said this can happen even with nothing triggering it. I mean nothing had happened I was not feeling anxious or even upset. Anyone else ever heard of anything like this? Thank you all so much in advance for your help. If this taught me anything it is the dependence we have on each other and how god seems to have us here to support each other through difficult times.
  7. hello everyone-- my boyfriend has DID but has never been treated for it. he doesn't seem to want to. i am wondering if he can function and live a healthy life without integration and/or therapy?
  8. thanks for your replies everyone---maybe i am just trying to find a way to feel better about myself lol
  9. just wanted to make a comment. since i've come on this forum i have been increasingly impressed with the responses of the regulars. you seem highly intelligent, insightful, and well educated. i wonder if there is a link between depression and IQ? i know there is a correlation between anxiety and IQ---those who think more (maybe too much) conjure up situations that provoke anxiety. i also know so many "simple" minded people who seem to never suffer from anxiety or depression----you know how they say "ignorance is bliss"
  10. thank you for the replies--- avery---you have no idea how afraid i am to be alone---i never have been in my life! not one second---i jump from relationship to relationship---many times overlapping. i know that i need to be alone to figure myself out but i really dont think i can...i dotn even think its an option ajumdledmess----i think you struck a chord with the passion VS love and i think that may be my problem but being caught in the middle i cant seem to see things clear
  11. i really cant take this anymore. i have so many things wrong in my life...i don't know how i got here. i am currently in a relationship for 2 and 1/2 years. i can honestly say i am in love with him (it is one of the only things i kNOW) however the relationship is and has always been CRAZY. if i were to tell you guys the things we have done to each other your jaws would drop. we have been much better for a while now but i have an underlying feeling like my future will be HORRIBLE if i stay with him---mainly because he is not stable and can not keep a job. we both have similiar mental problems which sometimes is a good thing as he understands me and sometimes is a bad thing as when we are both depressed it is bad news. on the other hand i was going out with someone else for 10 years when i dumped him for gabriel (my current bf) now my old bf treated me like a queen...and is still a friend of mine although gabriel has no idea. i have been going through a horrible time lately (defintely the worst of my life) and i am not sure what to do. if i were to get back with my ex i know he would bring such good things to my life such as stability and loyalty. however i never felt in love with him the way i do with gabriel. i lost my job, am recovering from an eating disorder, and my depression has nevre been worse. all i do is sleep and think about this problem. i have been having horrible anxiety attacks where i just walk around the house whining and wringing my hands. i just dont know what to do and my mind does not work any longer
  12. i have been wondering if depression becomes a habit in the way you think. when i wake up in the morning i realize that i automatically say to myself "oh i'm depressed" and i obviously in turn think depressed thoughts. doesn't this just become habit? we have a depressive episode and then instead of it just playing out on it's own we make it last by reminding ourselves on a daily basis that we are supposed to be depressed. has anyone seen the movie "what the bleep do we know"? i would suggest everyone see this movie. It is mostly a documentary where these doctors and physicists discuss many aspects of human reality and our brain. one of the main things i got out of the movie that related to myself was that we become addicted to emotional states. we experience an emotional state (depression, anxiety) and we come to crave it biochemically. They said we can become as addicted to emotions as a illegal drug addict----and that it is the same thing happening in the brain. therefore we keep creating the same experiences in our life to satisfy our emotional need. after this happens often enough our brain forms neural pathways that support this habits even further. you can see the cycle. the good news is (or at least i imagine because they dont go into this much) is that the opposite is also true. we can break (with some effort) these destructive mental patterns and form new healthy ones. any thoughts?
  13. thank you all so much for the info----i am going to try a few of those options----it can't hurt...thanks again!
  14. Hello everyone---i'm new here i have dealt with depression for my whole life...tried many different meds. Zoloft worked the best for me but since loosing my job (from being on short term disability for anxiety and depression) i lost my medical coverage and weened myself off of my meds because i could not afford the doctor visit and meds without a prescription plan. I am currently on unemployment (trying to find a new job) and i have been going through the worst depressive episode of my life. it is so unbearable. I ended up deciding to go back to the doctor and get the zoloft but a month supply plus the visit cost about $230...and i just cant afford it. Does anyone know if there are any other options for people who just cant afford meds but clearly need them???
  15. tom cruise thinks he has an advanced depree in pharmacology---somebody should explain to him that you can't just pretend to be a doctor and actually be one----reall life is not the same as the stage.
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