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  1. I always enjoyed the reaction I would get from people when I would say as a teenager in middle school I had severe depression. They would say "it was probably just a phase" and when I mentioned how I tried to **** myself three separate times they immediately change their mind. If you're feeling that you are depressed ignore those who say it's just a teenage problem you're having. Therapy is a good idea if you can talk to your parents about it. Even if you feel it won't work for you, or that it'll be a waste of time, trust me, as somebody who thought exactly that, therapy did indeed help me. It'll help you develop skills needed to live a better life and in the long-term, it's very beneficial. Best of wishes!
  2. I'm sorry for your loss and I wish the best for your family. I'll be sending a prayer for your family tonight
  3. I'm sorry for your loss. Don't beat yourself up about not being able to see her though, sometimes life just gets in the way of things like that. It's okay. I feel she knows you loved her very much and where ever she is now I am betting she understands your circumstances and would never hold it against you. I wish you the best
  4. With this semester coming to a close my only two friends will be leaving to go home until next semester. I won't see them for about 3 months. I've struggled with depression for a long time and they helped pick me up whenever I was feeling terrible. I won't have that security anymore. I'm anxious for the time to come. My life will just be work, then sitting doing nothing since I'll have no friends to do things with. My mental state is going to go downhill for sure.
  5. And I for you. I understand what you mean by saying people aren't out to get us. It's hard to pull my mind out from that negative cloud but I'm giving it a shot and seeing what happens. I hope your body recognizes the message easier as time goes on and I hope you can reach out to other people more easily some day
  6. I appreciate the input guys. I did have my first session today and it was the introduction basically. We didn't go over anything too important, I just told her what issues I've been having. Star, I read what you wrote fully and I will give it a shot. If it worked for you and you truly think it is something worth going in to, I will go in with an open mind, you too Becoming, I will give it a shot. Thank you guys for your help.
  7. My friend told my mother about my depression and other thoughts that went on in my head. My friend recommended I seek therapy to obtain assistance for my issues so my mother agreed. I'm being forced into therapy pretty much and I don't think it will work for me. Is there any point in getting help if I don't think it'll work?
  8. It started a couple months after my long-term girlfriend broke up with me. I fought my hardest to avoid sinking into the mindset of self loathing. I turned to my best friend who helped me by being there for me. She held my spirits up for a couple months, but I soon crumbled. I was getting angry with her more and more as the time passed on. I would be snappy with her and reject any offering of help she gave me. I wouldn't listen to her and I didn't appreciate her. She grew tired of trying to help me after awhile. Now she doesn't want anything to do with me and refuses to see me in person anymore. I miss her terribly and apologized many times for the way I treated her. My depression hasn't gotten any better either. I'm going to see a therapist soon so I can work on my issues I have. I deeply regret letting myself be a jerk to the only person in the world who cared enough to be there for me. She said she will see me again when I get better. How do I cope without her before I go to therapy?
  9. I'm starting college in a month and I've struggled with social anxiety since elementary school. I've always been the kid who would sit alone while everybody else chatted away at lunch. I was never able to find many friends. The people who gave me a chance saw through my issues and they remained truly great friends all through the years. I always fear when I speak to new people that they judge me for being boring or not worth their time. It discourages me from speaking to them since I don't want them wasting time on me. I constantly fear being judged when I talk for sounding unintelligent or slipping up in pronunciation when speaking. I really want to make new friends in college but I fear I lack the social skills to do so. My brain just freezes at the thought of having to talk to people and I can't think of a single thing to say to them. Even if I did somehow find a way to talk I immediately feel bad for it for wasting their time. I don't know what to do anymore about this.
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