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  1. I can feel your pain I have a husband and 2 adult children no family or friends I have moments when I cry because I feel so alone
  2. I can relate going to work has been very difficult I work n school as a teaching assistant this will be my last year then i will retire. I have social anxiety and everyone at work is younger then me abd they have young children. I have nothing in common with anyone that works in the school and I am intimated by the administration. It makes me feel so out of place I eat lunch alone. This situation also makes me feel lonely right now I dont want to go back on Sept 8 but I need the money I am on Zoloft and seroquel was ok for awhile but not working so well now,
  3. I can relate to feeling horrible and alone i am 67 years old I have suffered with depression/anxiety for 25 years I have been on so many meds I cant remember them all. Right now I have been on zoloft and seroquel it was working for awhile but I think its not working as well cause I am crying again and feel depresed. I have a wonderful husband been married for 35 years he tries to help me but its hard for him. I have 2 adult children my daughter is married my son at 32 still lives with me and his life is a mess. My husband and I have no friends, he has family but they dont have anything to do with us so we dont have any support system We are truly alone and that scares me cause we are getting older. I am so lonely and we never do anything like go on vacation cause we cant afford it we have credit card debt I have dentures that dont fit me so I cant eat most things crunchy or something you have to bite. so I loose weight. I also have overactive bladder which interrupts my sleep. I work in school I am a teaching assistant and I have a few weeks till I go back I'm not sure if I can handle it this is my 25 year. It seems that im going to have to change meds again. I am so disgusted with this whole thing i know there wont be a happy ending
  4. I am 67 years old and cant even remember when I started with anti depressants My shrink is ok and I have been on several different meds the best one was effexor that lasted about 6 months till it stopped working I am still working I am a teaching assistant in a public school in NYC .I plan on retiring after this school year. The meds Im on now are Zoloft and Seroquel. It has been ok for awhile but now Im starting to not feel 100% Its summer and Im not working so maybe that has something to do with it . I hate to tell my shrink because Im tired of going off meds and trying another one. I also have a couple of other issues, I have overactive bladder and take meds for it and I have dentures that dont fit correctly which I cant do anything about cause I dont have the money It has affected what I can and cant eat I lost weight. I always wanted to feel normal I have 2 adult children one still lives with me and I have to help him financially. My husband and I have no friends or family so we are basically alone this bothers me very badly. Right now I feel lousy with no motivation to do some work for the new wchool year. I know that Im not myself because I want to sleep and I am so lonely. I dont know how to proceed going forward. I wonder if I will start to feel better
  5. I googled depression forums and your website seems to be very helpful but I dont understand how to navigate your web site
  6. Hello All Im new nice to meet younow! I hrave been on meds for over10 years. I dont even remember all of them. Anyway I changed my dr around 10 years ago and Im still with him.Effexor was the first one. it worked great. Acouple of years passed then it was over..I cant remember all of them but ever since the effexor stopped working I have been on a merry go round of drugs I read where if you areon anti deppresants for a long time they can stop working Right now Im on 200 mgs of Zoloft and 150 mgs of seroquel. As far as how I feel I would say about 60% myself Im tired of going on and off neds I work Im a teaching asst and I work with special needs kids, his is going to be my final year before I retire. Im trying to tell myself this is how its going to be.Im just not going to feel 100% My husband and I have no family and friends he has family his sister is 82 anyway there have been issues for years and we hardly ever see them I m not working now cause school is closed. Theres a lot more details that I dont want to type right now,cause Im tired and going to bed. thanks fpr reading pattard
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