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  1. Reading the Boble. Christian counciling. Christian friends and support. Prayer and church
  2. Stir crazy. Been up since 4am and no one is awake yet. Ready to get day started!
  3. Talking about it and crying. Truly helps me
  4. On under one week. I take five mg with Cymbalta Trileptal and Provogil for BPII
  5. I actually stopped it after two weeks bc my depression got worse and after trying so many antipsychotics for depression, came to the conclusion that they just DO NOT work for me. I now just take Cymbalta, Trileptal and Provigil and am finally feeling much better. I have BP II but no other symptoms other than a slight and Iran slight amt. of mania and always severe episodes of depression so I am done with antipsychotics. I hope it works better for you.
  6. In the morning bc if I take it at night it keeps me up and also yes, it is stimulating.
  7. I got off of Latuda last night bc it was causing me to have all day severe depression. This morning I don't have morning depression so I am thankful for the small things. Please pray for me and my healing and job interview at the preK school today at 2 pm. God Bless.
  8. I have literally registered with every temp agency in Houston and applied to their positions. I'm even a recruiter for 22 years and no one is responding. Tomorrow I have an interview for a part time pre K teacher to at least make my car payment before I lose my car. My true fear is not being able to get to work due to severe morning depression. It is really bad. I try so hard but it's just chemical
  9. To all, After trying one last medication for BPII, I went to my psych. And he is talking ECT. I live alone and my family does not believe in mental illness and I am going to lose everything if I don't get a job this week. I had to quit a high paying job 5/5 due to Effexor which caused me to have a bad reaction. Since then I have not been able to make my car payment for three months and I'm going to lose my car. If I do, I'm doomed and now this. I'm truly hopeless and have been trying to get a job when I can barely shower. Please respond and if you would truly truly pray for me everyday, I would appreciate it and post replies. Thank you in advance and God bless.
  10. Okay, I will share my news. I now have been on Latuda since July 24th. When I posted this I was having a placebo effect which my psych. Says I always do. Latuda made me depressed ALL day with no relief and today he added adderall and wants me to go up to 60. If it doesn't work I'm stopping it and just going back to abilify 20, Cymbalta 120, Adderall 40 and Trlileptal2400. Currently, I am taking all but the Abilify. What are you BP II? How much are you taking and what are your results? What else are you on?
  11. Won't get better Need a job I need money Can't pay bills
  12. Losing everything I have and winding up living on the street bc I can't work due to my depression. My family does not believe in mental illness and won't help me so I fight this alone
  13. God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. Psalm 46:1
  14. I just wanted to share my good news. I have been on a multitude if anti-psychotics and none of them work. Hated Seroquel even with Provigil made me a complete zombie. In last ditched effort, was put on Latuda 40 mg four days ago and it's unbelievable! Did not give me racing heart or make me zombie like. Before starting latuda Ivwas barely functioning. My psych was discussing hospitalization again which is the worst for me. I was not showering, not cleaning and no matter how mentally strong Ibtried to be could not make myself do anything but lay on thre couch. This morning woke up at 5am which is like the normal me, full of energy. No coffee needed. Was refreshed and almost happy. I know everyone is different and Latuda may not work with your chemistry but my message to you is DON 'T give up hope. Something will work and if by chance you are BO II and suffering from debilitating depression try Latuda. It is fast acting and for me it works!
  15. Misdiagnosed from 17-33. As severe depression. Only after having a stroke due to nortryptyne and hospitalized for fifteen days at the age off 33 was I diagnosed finally with BPII. Little to know hypo mania except in the form of short temper.
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