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  1. I been feeling awful :(
  2. The "how Do You Feel Right Now?" Thread 2

    I need a hug. Im sorry if i am being attention seeking :(
  3. The "how Do You Feel Right Now?" Thread 2

    I feel awful. Simply awful :(
  4. Creativity When Depressed?

    Midnight (Suicide Awareness) We have so little timeOn this EarthYet some thinkThat their lives areToo long. So they turn the dialOn their clock of lifeTo twelve o clock midnightAnd end their livesPrematurely. So...I ask you allTo treat each otherWith love and kindessLest another soulTurns their dialTo midnight too.
  5. The "how Do You Feel Right Now?" Thread 2

    ((((((((((Wyllow)))))))))) Massive hugs being sent your way!!! :hugs: Thanks! I wonder why, for whatever reason, the chat is only active during Thursdays EST?
  6. The "how Do You Feel Right Now?" Thread 2

    I know, but I also wish more people in general were on the chat.
  7. The "how Do You Feel Right Now?" Thread 2

    I wish more people were on that chat more often. It feels lonely in there right now.
  8. The "how Do You Feel Right Now?" Thread 2

    Also, im worried said person is going to spread rumors about me. i know, i shouldnt worry, but its my anxiety, i cant help it.,
  9. The "how Do You Feel Right Now?" Thread 2

    Someone was being very mean to me on the chat recently, refusing to respect my pronouns and calling me "ridiculous" :(
  10. i actually am a genderfluid person after thinking it over more So having more options would also help me.
  11. ...poems...

    Very good
  12. TFQNATI: TransgendergenderFluidgenderNeutralgenderQueerAgenderTransitioningIntergender I always disliked the fact that very often the "T" was an aftethought to the LGB+ community. So, maybe we (transgender people) need our own acronym, as a subgroup of LGB+. Of course, people can still go under LGBT+, but this might help the Transgender community get noticed better.
  13. I always considered sexual damage the least ammount of damage Rape causes. And yes, i am starting to put Rape with a capital R because its a serious issue, yet not many take it as seriously as they should. Also, IM not going through anything. I wasnt the one who was Raped. Sorry if that offended you somehow. I was talking about the horror your friend must be going through/must have gone through and imagined that you as the partner are there supporting her. You didnt offend me at all. Sorry if it seemed like i was offended :(
  14. Good news they are HIV Negative....though i would have stayed by their side if they were HIV Positive.