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  1. Hi my sweet lovely friend (((((((((Camellia))))))))))):hugs:

    I need to erase some messages; I got yours fine but couldn't reply to yours -Thank you so much for thinking of me!!!!8TAb4Be9c (2).gif


     Your friend, Berry:rose::rose:

    1. Camellia


      Oh my. That's if very beautiful Berry. Thankyou my dearest friend. 

      I'm glad you received mine. 

      Me too, I still need to delete some of my messages. I cannot PM to those I've never PM. I wanted to ask something to the moderator. Its says my messages is full. But I can PM to existing friends that I've already in conversation with them (you). 

      I always thinking of you. 

      I'm glad to hear from you. I really do. But I'm not good at making conversation. 

      Love you my dearest friend. :icon12::icon12:

    2. mulberrypie


      Camellia, I'm lucky to "know" you. I believe, in addition to your beauty, beauty and love radiate from you, you have a beautiful soul, too.


      Love you, too, my beloved friend!


    3. Camellia


      Thank you Berry. I'm lucky to "know" you too. Thank you for the nice words. You too, have a very beautiful soul. Your simple PM is enough to make me happy. I love you my dearest friend. :icon12::icon12:

      Hugs back to you, my beloved friend. :hugs::hugs:


  2. Image result for Animated Fireworks big ben happy new yearHappy New Year!!:hugs:

    1. hocico


      Aw thank you sweetie :smilingteeth: I think I recognize that clock :Coopwink:

      HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :hugs:

  3. happy-new-year-sparkler-gold-animated-gif.gif

    1. hocico


      Ooh that is a pretty piccie :smile: may 2017 sparkle like that sparkler for you, but not cause you burns because of course you are being sensible and wearing gloves :nod: and keeping it away from children and small animals. 

    2. hocico


      Oh and I forgot the new year cuddle :hugs:

    3. Camellia


      Happy New Year my dear friend Berry. I love that picture. You make me happy. 

      I hope you feel better today and lots and lots of happiness in 2017

      :hugs: :flowers: 



  4. It's my birthday!! Welcome all my DF friends, you're my real family, so please!! have some cake and help me celebrate! Love you all!!!!<3                                  

    happy birthday e-cards animated gifs with fireworks cake candles balloons funny  photo friend  Greeting Cards Gift Melody Happy Birthday To You Light Up (2).gif


    1. hocico


      OMG Happy birthday Mulberry :hugs: :Party_fest30::hugs::smilingteeth: thank you for the making the :birfdayCake: *sounds of eating* mmm suppose I better leave some for everyone else :shifty3: 

    2. RiverLight


      Just sent you a PM! :Party_fest30::birfdayCake::birthday:


    3. Camellia


      Happy Belated Birthday my beautiful friend. I'm so very happy to see all those beautiful celebration made for you. :Party_fest30: :party::birfdayCake:

  5. Hi hope your day is good. Tried to message you but I forgot what you said about your messages getting lonely, and they needed to keep each other company.:happy:

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    2. hocico


      :hugs:ah my that was a while ago and I can't normally remember what I had for breakfast :laugh: , I would guess it involved me eating lots of food, listing some books on the net, posting lots on the forum, listening to Wagner, reading occasionally (currently I am reading about David Suchet, the actor who plays Poirot in the TV series) oh and watching Shogun :nod: which was very good, I love Japan and the Japanese :icon12: perhaps one day I will find a Mariko of my very own :smile: damn Gaijin stealing all their ladies eh :Coopwink: I hope you are having a good birthday :hugs:how is your day going? 

    3. hocico


      Well Poirot and a book on roman Britain, history nerd for the win :icon12:


    4. mulberrypie
  6. (((((((((((((((((Camellia)))))))))))))) Idk why, but I couldn't reply to your message. But it was great to hear from you. Glad you are all right!!!! Love, Your friend, Berry:icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12:

    1. Camellia


      ((((((((((((((((((((((Berry)))))))))))))))))) It's okay my friend. I don't know why either. Luckily we can talk here. I'm glad to hear from you. Sorry, I don't talk much. I don't know what to say other than saying hi, how are you. I hope you're doing okay. Take care. Your friend. Camellia :icon12::icon12::icon12::icon12: 

  7. Thinking about you, friend, haven't seen you on here for a while - Hoping you are all right!!!! (((((((((((((((Camellia)))))))))))):hugs:



    1. Camellia


      Sorry mr friend. I can feel it. I hv been thinking of u too. (((((((((((Hugs)))))))))))  :hugs:

    2. Camellia


      Thank you for the hugs n msg. Means a lot to me. :icon12:

  8. Hi dear (((((((((((((Camellia))))))))))))!! My dear friend!! I tried to reply to your message but could not, it's probably bc I need to delete more, and I can't seem to send pictures in my messages since I changed from Windows 10 back to Windows 7. But I got the beautiful pictures you sent me!! I love them! every time you send me pics I keep them all! I'm fine; didn't mean to worry you! I think about you every day, hoping you are all right!!

    Love, Berry:icon12:

    1. Camellia


      Hi dear ((((((((Berry)))))))))

      Sorry that you can't send pic now. Glad you luv the pic. Thanks for keeping it. I'm glad you're fine. Same here. I think about you too everyday. I'm okay, just some slight fever these few days. 

      Luv Cam :icon12:


  9. Hey, Purple S., I noticed today is/was your birthday (since I'm in the U.S. lol) You might remember me; but anyways I've missed seeing your posts; hope everything's well with you :)

     Happy Birthday!!:birfdayCake:

    1. PurpleStorm


      Hey Mulberry, of course I remember you and I'm really missing you all.  I've been meaning to come back for a while so you might see me around soon.  Thank you for the birthday wishes!:smilingteeth:

  10. Happy Birthday!!:rose:


  11. good day/night everyone;<3

    1. Natasha1
    2. verDominai


      Good night (or in my case, good morning~)!

    3. Wisteria
  12. hi; miss you my dear friend; hope you are all right! I tried to reply to your message but I couldn't, it's my fault, I need to delete some.

    much love to you (((((((((((((Camellia)))))))))))))))!!!!

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    2. Camellia


      How are you my dearest friend.

      I hope you're feeling a bit better today. 

      (((((((((((((hugging tight Berry)))))))))))))))))


      You're always in my thoughts............




    3. mulberrypie


      Thank you so much dear (((((((((((((Camellia)))))))))))))))!!!! Your friendship means so much to me! Thank you for keeping me posted; I think about you all the time - Thank you so much for everything, I love these beautiful flowers!

      I'll be back on the forums soon (((((((((another Hug)))))))))))!!!!!

    4. Camellia


      You welcome dear friend  ((((((((((((((((Berry)))))))))))

      Your friendship means so much to me too. Me too, I always remember you. 

      The flowers are my appreciation for our friendship. I'm not good with words. I use pictures to express my feelings. 

      If you're not well, emotional or mental or physical, my healing thoughts are with you. 

      ((((((((((((((((((My dearest Berry)))))))))))))




  13. Hey there, Mysticw, stopping by to say hi! hope your day is good! ^_^

    1. Mysticw


      Hey there. Thanks! I hope yours is too. Xoxo

  14. LapisLazuli is a beautiful semiprecious gem; my favorite I believe:)

    1. LapisLazuli


      Yes! It's beautiful. One of my favorites. 


    2. Skylark1


      Lovely. Used to have one. Always made me think vault of heaven. God's artwork, imo.

      btw, thanks for the follow. :)

  15. Hello!!!!!! just stopping by to say hi!!:))))

  16. di$traction$ can be expen$ive

    1. Lindsay


      Have a wonderful day! ~Lindsay ღ

    2. mulberrypie


      Thanks! I just saw this - I don't know if it will reply to your comment but if so, have a great evening! L

  17. finally talked to the dvm about my pet hiding behind the chair he said maybe he got spooked you know they can see things we can't

  18. finally talked to the dvm about my pet hiding behind the chair he said maybe he got spooked you know they can see things we can't. also still waiting for the 15th when I get a new data usage cycle

  19. pet still hiding under the chair-waiting for a call from the dvm I'm addicted to these forums and can't help popping in even tho my bro and I ran up our data usage

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