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  1. make it stop ;(
  2. Yes, I did get that adorable, sweet picture! Thank you so much (((((((((((((Camellia))))))))))))!! I tried to reply but I've let my inbox get full and couldn't; I really need to delete some messages =) Thank you so much for thinking of me! what a nice surprise, coming on here and seeing your message and the sweet picture you sent me!! You are so thoughtful and kind! I hope you are doing better! Sending lots of love and good energy your way!! Love, Berry
  3. Sword of Damocles
  4. The exact same thing happens to meThat's why we run into each other so often on here
  5. good question spiraling!! well, maybe I would, because I have a lot in common with me. If I was someone else meeting me? I'm not sure! It would depend on the day, I guess =))))
  6. btw that song reminds me of the dense pine grove on our property behind the house. I never go up there at night. Don't know why....
  7. In the pines, in the pines where the sun don't ever shine, I would shiver the whole night through. (a folk song covered by Nirvana)
  8. is this forever?
  9. Hi Tomosw! Welcome to DF! I find so much support here; it's amazing how friendly and encouraging the members are here. Imo; I've never seen anything quite like it! You are among friends where you can bare your soul and people understand. And @Epictetus, I love your wise words. You mentioned someplace that you resemble Albert Einstein, especially with your hair messed up. I have always found him attractive; my brother gave me a bobblehead replica of him from Amazon; it's in a prominent place in my house. The last time that thread surfaced titled something like, "Who do you think is good looking?", I put Diogenes. The next time I think I'll add Einstein =)) Sorry to digress, Tomosw, but I believe that whenever you come here, many times you may leave with a smile on your face! The last 24 hours have been upsetting and sad, and now I'm smiling and btw, I also have borderline Asperger's and can't drive, either, because of severe generalized anxiety disorder. Best wishes and good luck to you; take care!
  10. Love you too!! You've always been so kind and supportive to me, and you are an asset to DF and so important here! I hope you feel better and things improve for you very soon! Much love to you! Take care!! Love, Berry
  11. I really am glad and fortunate to know you! ty so much for the hug, ((((((((((((((((hugging you back))))))))))))!!
  12. I was going to add to that I was afraid you might sign off before you saw my post. And I'm also sorry I just now came here and found your thread, my dear friend. I have tears in my eyes! I'm not sure what time it is where you are, but it's about 6 in the morning where I am. I surely love and appreciate you!! I'll be sending good feelings and energy your way all day!Much love, Berry
  13. Dear ((((((((Camillia)))))))), I'm so sorry you are feeling this way, and people aren't treating you, a beautiful gem, as they should!
  14. Awesome! it picked me up to read this; great news about you and your GF! and I saw someplace else where you saiid your nickname was "thread killer"; well, here's another post after your last one!
  15. Sorry you're feeling so bad! But I sure am relieved to hear you're okay!!
  16. I feel the same, (sorry, I want to rephrase that, I have no way of knowing how you feel, but I sympathize) or close to it; I feel that my good times became a thing of the past in late 2015. But I'm worried, JD, your thread and especially the title, sound ominous. Are you ok?
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