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  1. How are you doing my friend. I think you cannot read the msg I gave you in PM few weeks ago. I hope you are okay. I missed you. 

  2. I think your PM and my PM cannot use anymore. Its says my inbox is full when I try to PM you.

    Missed you so much ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Hugs Berry))))))))))))))))))))))))


  3. Missing you my dearest friend. So very much 


  4. make it stop ;(
  5. Yes, I did get that adorable, sweet picture! Thank you so much (((((((((((((Camellia))))))))))))!! I tried to reply but I've let my inbox get full and couldn't; I really need to delete some messages =) Thank you so much for thinking of me! what a nice surprise, coming on here and seeing your message and the sweet picture you sent me!! You are so thoughtful and kind! I hope you are doing better! Sending lots of love and good energy your way!! Love, Berry
  6. Hey friend,I tried to send you a message on here but it wouldn't let me. Anyhow,  I finally got a laptop again so I can get back into posting regularly on here. My previous computer died on me so I had no way to keep in touch. I have missed you! 

    1. mulberrypie


      ((((((Raven))))) I've missed you too! It's so good to see you back on! Sorry I let my inbox get full; I've got to delete some messages. I'm so sorry things are still so bad for you. Sounds like they've gotten even worse! I posted on a thread by you. I really do hope things ease up for you, and soon!! <3

      Your friend, Berry <3

    2. Icy_rose88


      Thank you so much, berry! I have missed you a lot. Things have gotten way worse. Today there was actually not only the regular mental/emotional abuse but also physical :( 

    3. mulberrypie


      Oh no! That is just unacceptable! and illegal if I'm getting your meaning right :( I hope you have someone you trust, that you can bring in to witness that and intervene! and here's a suggestion, you might want to use something you can keep hidden in a pocket like an audio recorder on a phone or something to record audio when you know you'll have to spend time in her presence.so you can have proof. How horrible!! I know you're keeping your distance as much as possible and I hope you have somewhere safe to run to!! - I hope you're okay!

  7. Sword of Damocles
  8. The exact same thing happens to meThat's why we run into each other so often on here
  9. Yes, Kurt Cobain was a huge fan of Leadbelly.
  10. good question spiraling!! well, maybe I would, because I have a lot in common with me. If I was someone else meeting me? I'm not sure! It would depend on the day, I guess =))))
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