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  1. Feeling anxious, working myself up to get something checked out, my innards ain't right. I have major anxiety and avoidance issues when it comes to Drs. Ugh. I hate getting old lol Sent from my Gigaset QV830 using Tapatalk
  2. Hope everybody is getting by. I'm.... Full of anxiety right now. Might need to stay myself to the dr and ofc is always the most terrible diagnosis possible, in my neurotic brain. Waiting to see if I feel better soon. Some of this has to be brought on by stress.
  3. Wow you sound exactly like me and we're the same age and everything. As for social security, don't worry it will still be there. I guarantee no politician in his right mind is going to cut off 70 million seniors from benefits they have been paying taxes for their entire working lives. And if you can live frugal you can retire on that. Sell everything, buy an RV and go wherever you want. That's what I plan to do. LOL Pretty sure Strahette will not appreciate the gypsy life. That is out. And the politicians.... probably won't have a choice. Runaway domestic spending, endless occupations abroad. Rome didn't fall in a day. But it fell.
  4. Boomer here- Demographically at the ass-end of the boom (1964), despite the fact parents were themselves wartime babies or nearly so. So I'm stuck in between lol do I relate more to the boomers or gen x? Meh. I'm both, and neither. My job sucks the life out of me and I got started with it too late to ever retire. Esp since spouse wanted a nicer home. Sigh. I be working till I drop dead. I'm one of those with no hope, I suppose. *grins*wouldn't matter anyway being at the last bit of the bell curve means when I get there social sec will have been sucked dry by all y'all anyway lol. Anyway having a hard time adjusting to the fact of having more behind me than in front of me.
  5. I used to. I don't think I recognized it as such, at the time.
  6. Survived another shift without self harming. Yay. It wasn't easy. Mowed momma Straha's house. That's it, sorry. Not much. Tomorrow be better. I hope.
  7. Else, Baby Doll, Sweetie Pie. You know I adore you. But I win. Ptptptptptptptpt
  8. I'm listening to what I just posted in The Song Game, so... feelin' pretty good. For a few more seconds anyway
  9. Hypnagogia will mess your mind the first time.
  10. I wonder if I grind mine st night...
  11. I clench my teeth a LOT. Most times I don't even realize I'm doing it.
  12. Dang ppl my face hurts my jaw hurts my sinus hurts I feel like I'm dying. And if the universe is a figment of my imagination then when I die y'all don't exist no more so I WIN
  13. Thru the haze and pain someone said something about chicks and yachts.... I'm doing something wrong..... My Godchild had a b'day party. Finally over. Tired. I have a cold. The left side of my face wants to explode. I don't do sick well. Ugh. Miserable. Sigh. Oh well. I hate summer colds.
  14. Down. Had a row with Strahette, as we are wont to do anytime company is expected.
  15. Feeling like I have a summer cold. And we have a party today.
  16. I have found that the more you don't like someone, the more you're paired up with them. The Universe's way of kicking you really hard. So... I try to like everyone. CS Lewis once noted if you act like you like someone, you find yourself starting to like them for real. Pretty sure he never worked where I do..... but I try. Naw I'm not with anyone that horrid at the moment, but been there,suffered thru that. Your supervisor don't sound like much of one, tho. How's it been going since your OP?
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