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  1. Borscht and Italian bread left overs
  2. Took care of a bunch of tasks relating to my move next weekend -- Change of address at Post Office, reserved moving truck, transferred utility service to new place, picked up boxes. Started packing. Better way late than never, eh? I've felt pretty good the last two days. I think it comes from being more clear-headed so I can attend to business. Maybe the meds are kicking in at the end of 6 weeks. Knock on wood.
  3. Btw, did you guys see Dusty's post about the med mix-up? http://www.depressionforums.org/forums/topic/110448-lexapro-day-two-once-again-taking-lexapro/?p=1214087 Everyone on the generic should check their labels.
  4. Woke up feeling pretty good, both attitude- and energy-wise. Not so flat this morning. :) Got up at 5:30 am, though, so I'll be tired this afternoon probably. Been up three hours. How're you?
  5. The pharmacy gave you a sleeping pill by mistake instead of generic lex? Holy crap. That's awful. So you're starting over. I just checked my generic to make sure there was a "p" in the name and there is.
  6. Mari, That doesn't sound like normal side effects to me. I hear of people having more anxiety, nausea, fatigue, feel like crying etc. but if your thoughts are scaring you that much I'd tell your doc right away that it's really affecting you. Some people react very badly to meds and it may be time to switch.
  7. Good luck now that you are an adult and able to follow through with getting help on your own. Ask your doc lots of questions about common side effects and how long they last so you're not surprised if you feel more tired or have other symptoms at first. Some people starting meds have found it helpful to join one of the sub-forums dedicated to a specific drug and take the journey with others. I hope you find DF a good resource for info, sharing, venting and even humor. :)
  8. I like how you you observe that feeling like another side effect, because that's likely what it is. I've seen it noted enough on the forums. Glad you, shiznit, and El8ed are sleeping better more consistently now. I'm still doing ok. I had a busy day yesterday and found I got more easily frazzled. Once I was driving to an errand and briefly forgot why and where I was headed. It was annoying and made me feel kind of vulnerable I guess. It was good to be busy, though, and accomplish more than one thing.
  9. I jumped on a project and got it done for the second day in a row. w00t Early evening and I'm exhausted.
  10. We're having a third day of cooler, rainy weather. It's a nice change from the heat and humidity of the last 2 months.
  11. I'm sorry, Follena. I hope the bout of crying released some of your pain. I think it's meant to do that. I noticed you wrote that you'd tried to get into grief counseling but your work schedule prevented it. It might help a lot if you pursued that again. Your post reminds me that I still need to work through my grief over losing both parents just seven months apart, but I'm scared to face it. Coupled with work and relationship issues -- and not having any close family nearby -- it was all too much and I did not work through the loss in a healthy way. I hope you have success re-connecting with your former therapist or finding a new one.
  12. I'm numb and don't have any feelings. My med is like novacaine for the brain. This is ok short-term because the high anxiety paralyzed me. Such a trade-off.
  13. Hey El and shiz - glad you are both seeing some incremental progress. My newest progress is a slight improvement in motivation, if only for one day. I jumped on a work assignment and got it done early, rather than procrastinating as long as possible. The lack of motivation has been like a curse. Let's hope the flat feeling (which I also have) is a side effect that goes away, too, and not a trade-off for decreased anxiety. I had a fairly decent sleep last night although I stayed up late. Woke up a few minutes before the alarm which is my norm.
  14. Hi Bradster and welcome. Were you still on lexapro when the anxiety came back or did it just stop working for you after being on it so long? I assume it stopped working otherwise you'd have gone back on the same medication. That must be really frustrating to try all those meds and nothing works. Maybe Pristiq will finally help. I hope things start going better for you soon!
  15. I hope you're able to get through tonight to find out how he's doing. I hate that feeling of worrying and not sure what's going on with friends/family.
  16. Mine thinks it's Saturday I can top that. I wrote "2013" on a check yesterday. lol
  17. I am pleased that I finished a project before it was due. If I keep this up I can take on new work and claw my way back out of poverty!
  18. Good topic! I miss but can't bring myself to run, write for personal enjoyment (instead of boring stuff for pay) and just get out and socialize with friends. Any progress? Hmm. I am walking about 4 times a week (up from zero last winter). I recently started blogging for an interesting, non-technical site where I can at least express an opinion. The other good thing is I have a couple friends who have stuck by me even though I am a bad friend because I would rather stay home and isolate most days.
  19. Hello MiaouMikse. Welcome to DF. Glad you are making some progress. Typing away here can do a lot of good by allowing us to articulate and maybe prioritize our "issues" without having to self-censor for a typical audience. It also helps to see what others are going through in order to feel less alone (and maybe learn some good tips while we're at it). I'm in the same boat as you as far as lack of motivation, anhedonia and inability to concentrate. So are lots of others. Hope to hear more from you. I like your writing style.
  20. I read that mirtazapine activates the dopamine system which is surpressed in depressed people. Lexapro only targets seratonin. *In a tv announcer's voice* "Ask your doctor about dopamine!" I might ask about mirtazapine next time.
  21. Good morning! I slept like a log again last night. Slept through the first alarm but not the second a half hour later. This is truly odd for me. I'm normally a light sleeper. I'm a bit groggy so am sipping my first and maybe only coffee of the day.
  22. A lucious bright red tomato from my friend's garden, delicately spiced with salt and pepper. :)
  23. I finished an overdue project from Friday so I guess that's only a 50 percent accomplishment but I'll take it.
  24. Appalled that I've moved over a dozen times in my life and I'm moving again in a couple weeks.
  25. El In, I'm really sorry about the situation you're in because of your roommate. It sounds awful. I hope the residence staff have come and talked with you this morning like they said they would. The roommate sounds very dangerous. If they don't remove him from your space you are better off going to a shelter for safety. Let us know how the day goes.
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