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  1. The early worm gets eaten by the bird so stay in bed.
  2. Burnt out and tired. Norma for me these days and that is sad.
  3. Regrettably I am an introvert. And I say regrettably because if my wife and mother go before me, I will be completely alone. Unless of course I go first which in my case may be a blessing in disguise.
  4. I am on the fence with this. I took two leaves of absence in a 4 month period, I was hospitalized once and in an inpatient program the next. I took the time because I was too depressed and anxious to work. But, paradoxically, I was even more depressed and anxious when I was on leave because I was bored, terrified I was going to lose my job etc. Every situation is different. Based on what you described, working in retail etc. Maybe a leave would do you good. Is your depression and anxiety situational? Work? Or biological? I have to tell you that even though I have gotten better there is no way I could work in retail or work mandatory overtime.
  5. My wife did not understand at first. But then she went to a Caregivers group for a few months and has been my rock ever since. Are there groups or meetups for Depressions where you live?
  6. I have a light box. It helps me, especially in the Wintertime.
  7. Russian Peasants used to say, "завтра будет лучше," tomorrow will better.
  8. Why are you so upset with yourself? For being an atheist or because of the way they are treating you? I know it may be hard but you do not need people like that in your life right now. Hold fast to your convictions. It is their loss, they will either come to their senses or be embarrassed when they meet you face to face.
  9. I'm okay I guess, just okay. It is beautiful out but I don't think I am going to go out.
  10. I'm okay today, hanging with my cat watching Football. I threw out my back yesterday and am walking with a cane so I am desperate for a shower, gross I know, and a little anxious because I am flying to visit my parents on Tuesday. My wife is away on business as well so I am on my own. Thank god for Seamless.
  11. Watching football with my cat on a Sunday is always a pleasure and pleasant distraction.
  12. KInda bored and tired. Yesterday was stressful. My wife and I had to take our cat for a post surgery checkup. Everything checked out well but they banged us for another 350$ without asking us which p***** me off. I don't have anything planned today and do not have any motivation. I am supposed to go out tonight but if the narrative follows, I won't have an energy at 17:00 and will end up staying home. Thank god for Crackle and Mystery Science Theater 3000 reruns on YouTube <== Those are not plugs.
  13. I try to get into bed by 01:00. I take a dose of Ativan before hand. I usually read something really boring, like an The Economist, and I go out like 10 minutes later. Problem is staying asleep, I usually get up every two hours or so. Sometimes I eat and don't even remember. This is not every night but the majority. Sleeping pills do not work for me. I've tried most of them. The one that came close was Rozarem. I sometimes nap and off during the day. Depends on what is going on.
  14. Hang in there. Give yourself 24 hours. Work the resources you have, even if it just this board. A lot of us feel the same way, I do most of the time, but the feeling passes. If you feel you are really falling apart go the an Emergency Room. I have convinced myself, maybe I am delusional, that sometimes life is so much better than we think. Light always trumps darkness.
  15. Bedtime.....I am also looking forward to the fall. I think good things are going to happen to me in October. This has no basis in face, just a feeling I have.
  16. Both, I used to go to a depression support group. It was okay but the moderators were volunteers so....they weren't as well run as they are in a clinical setting. A lot of the people were there to complain so I've stopped going for the time being. I was getting aggravated and that is not the point and not very therapeutic. In New York City we have something called "Meetup." You register and browse groups that interest you and join the ones you want. I used to go to a depression meetup but it was 9$ and only an hour long. Sometimes I did not get the chance to speak so I did not find value in it. They have groups for everything. Right now I attend a Russian Language group. It's fun but it only meets once a month. I think they have Meetup in major cities. http://www.meetup.com
  17. "You just need to think positive" "You think too much about the past" "Why don't you stop playing the Depression card" "You have nothing to be depressed about" "What the hell is wrong with you?" "If you take that poison, it will make you worse"
  18. I go to Meetups, groups of people that share similar interests to mine. I have met people through groups that I have attended. But it is a very difficult and all said from the aforementioned ways, I have only, truly made a couple of friends.
  19. I feel ok. Just ok. Not good, not great.....just ok.
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