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  1. Complete hit or miss here in Canada. The mental health care system is dotted with sparsely with oases among a sea of quick sand. One inpatient ward, it was a comprehensive treatment approach(IMO the only really way to approach health issues). They had group therapy sessions, hiking groups, music groups, even cooking classes. Another ward in the exact same hospital was nothing more than a room and some bars on the window. Yet another ward in the same series of hospitals didn't even have windows, it was akin to a medieval dungeon, stained cements walls, reeked of cat urine and dog feces, completely void of colour, standard prison cell toilet/sink in one with a lone mattress on a concrete slab for a bed.
  2. Watered the plants on the deck... well most of them anyway.
  3. The moment you mention or they find out you have any anxiety disorders, many doctors will immediately just write off your symptoms as "just anxiety" and refuse to investigate further or take your concerns seriously. Same thing happens with depression. I have had a thoracic surgeon tell me that a tumor that I have (caused by a bone disease i have had all my life) that was catching on connective tissue when I yawned, resulting in me being unable to breathe until I physically freed the (muscles, veins whatever) from the bones, that was just "depression ". I have heard of a lot of depression symptoms over the years but I never heard of one that causes your jaw to lock and be unable to breathe. It just showcases the stigma prevelant among so called health professionals.
  4. I had a clonoscopy done a couple months ago. I was asked by the doctor what meds I was on while I was on the table ready to be put under. The moment I mentioned I was on Seroquel which I said I took for sleep, he thought that somehow it was appropriate for him to ask me if I had ever been institutionalized before. I fail to see how whether or not someone has been institutionalized could ever possibly be relevant to a colonscopy. Everytime I mention I am on seroquel health professionals immediately profile you. My doctor had made a prescribing error and I was unable to reach him so I had to go to a walk in clinc to get a partial refill to hold me over. The moment I mentioned I was on Seroquel, the doctor's demeanor changed. He immediately said in a tone as if speaking to a mentally challenged child, "ARE YOU OKAY?". You know the way someone speaks slow and loud when speaking to someone who does not speak their language as if that is going to help. I replied, "yes I am okay, are you okay??". This type of stigma is systemic to the healthcare system here. If you are on any anyipsychotics, regardless if they are prescribed off label, prepare to be stigmatized. I always speak out and stand up for myself to doctors. I let the colonscopy doctor know that his comment was extremely inappropriate and offensive, and that that kind of behaviour is not okay and I won't tolerate it. He apologized.
  5. "You never want to fail because you didn't try hard enough". Does anyone relate to this quote? The feeling that if I am going to die at some point, that I don't want to have to say to myself that I failed because I didn't give life my all, I didn't turn every last stone, I didn't try every possible extreme, in an effort to recover from my illnesses. I want to know that I gave it my all, and did my part.
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