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  1. Do you swallow the Ativan? Try melting it under your tongue and not swallowing what it melts into. Don't eat or drink anything for a good 10 mins after doing so. It might help it kick in faster and be a little bit more pronounced. If not you may need a higher dose. 0.5mg of Ativan isn't much.
  2. I woke up feeling slightly happy. I think I even smiled for a bit.
  3. Even as seriously sick as my digestive system is right now with the worm infection, I was able to beat off this cold/strep I caught from my mother in just two days. I think I attribute it to the vast amount of juicing that I do. I am so glad, because that was the last thing that I needed right now. I think I've consumed more vegetables in the last 2 months then I have in the last 10-15 years. Over 23lbs of carrots a week in addition to many other vegetables, I am going to try and push it to 30+ lbs. I have already had my skin turn orange, which I don't mind, looks like a summer tan lol. 2nd positive thing, um I cheered up my depressed long time friend of mine 3rd positive thing, I get to see my other friend tomorrow, first person I've been around besides my parents in months. (been too sick to go anywhere).
  4. Would the doctors accurately inform him of this risk? Of course not. That is what I find the most reprehensible.
  5. Omg I am so sick and weak. Just one more week or so for the last of my meds to arrive then every last one of these ****ing worms are gone die.
  6. Still haven't tried Parnate or Nardil? Then you haven't tried everything. If depression is your main problem I suggest Parnate, its an MAOI which works differently than all the other drugs you have tried.
  7. Doctor's note that you were on effexor and stating the side effects were those of which she witnessed.
  8. Have you tried Parnate or Nardil yet? Can't say you have tried everything without trying MAOIs like them.
  9. I have never got nightmares from a medication but nightsweats cause me to get really cold while I am sleeping. When I am cold while I am already asleep it tends to trigger nightmares for me. Almost every nightmare I ever have was from feeling cold, many from nightsweats back when I had low testosterone problems.
  10. I don't feel like any doctor listens to me regardless of what I say. Few understand the concept of "active listening". That has to be the worst part of the experience as a patient to be ignored, worse than failed treatments or wasted money. I only use drugs when I absolutely have to (in my case for sleeping issues or occasional extreme bouts of anxiety). Only when I cannot resolve my problems through other means. Even when I do resort to using meds I see them as payday loans, something temporary that will buy me the time needed to make changes other than meds that will have lasting results, like diet,exercise, supplements, CBT, other cognitive therapies, etc. Meds don't fix anything long term in most cases. Whatever positive effec they bring is gone when the med is removed. Every med has its side effects and beneficial effects often come at a price of new problems, usually many more new problems for every benefit. I believe if you keep your expectations of meds low, you won't be disappointed if or when they don't work. When the medical profession knowing overstates or misrepresents the efficacy and understates the risks of meds or treatments, that REALLY gets on my nerves. It is a form of dishonesty and I don't respect any form of dishonesty.
  11. I dissociate in order to cope with the trauma and pain I face in my life. My life gets so bad that I simply remove my mind from my body and don't allow myself to feel the pain or misery. Sometimes I have had people comment and ask if I was high or on drugs when I was not, I just was simply removed from what was going on around me. The lights are on but no one is home. I go to a complex fantasy world I created in my head and spend much of my time there. I don't think I would have made it this far without doing so, I simply wouldn't be able to cope with what I've been through otherwise. I lose all concept of time as a result and I tend to have difficulty with relationships with those around me because I am so aloof much of the time. My friends that stick around are used to this and understand I assume to some degree.
  12. Does anyone honestly feel like their doctor cares what you go through or any side effects or adverse effects or consequences you have to face as a result of their treatment? If you do, is this just your default belief because you never really gave it much thought on this matter or is this a conclusion you have arrived at from carefully examining your experiences over a period of time? I had been on Remeron for 14 months and I was given Saphris to try for sleep. I went to fill it and the pharmacist refused to fill the prescription claiming some QT enzyme interaction. So she faxed my doctor to resolve this. My doctor comes back with instructions just to stop my Remron cold turkey and use Saphris. I am sorry but after taking it for 14 months at 30 mg doing so would put me through withdrawal which was completely unneccesary and would add to my current suffering. I am already the sickest ive ever been in my life and he would have me go through remeron withdrawal on top of that? The only reason I can think of is that he simply doesn't give a rats behind what I have to go through or how it would affect me. A total indfference to what I have to go through. This total disregard for what the patient has to go through isn't unique to him, I have seen the same sort of indfference in so many doctors I have been a patient with over the years. I've been burned so many times that I honestly don't trust any of them at this point. I don't think any of them have whats best for me on their mind, they simply don't care and never did, I'm just another nameless faceless patient to them.
  13. Honestly I have always thought it was inhumane, demeaning/undignifying to mentally ill patients, and scary, I don't know why and even if its rational, logical or reasonable to think this way. If they use a general anesthetic, the same used in surgery that carries its own risk and adverse effects. At least with transcranial magnetic stimulation there is no general anesthesia. There are certainly more risks to general anesthesia than listed in this article. I believe patients should always be informed of all the risks so that they can make an informed decision.
  14. Doctors don't have to give you anything and you don't have to take anything they give you. Doctors prescribe medications off label almost every day. Antipsychotics are a terrible example of this. Doctors prescribe them for sleep and anxiety while not a single antipsychotic is approved by either the FDA or Health Canada to treat any sleep or anxiety disorder period.
  15. I find tolerance sets in really quick for this drug if taken daily. Like 2 maybe 3 weeks tops. It is great for allergies though.
  16. Speaking of taxi drivers, my disability gives me free taxi rides to and from my medical appointments. I got into this cab one day to go to an appointment and the cab driver looks at me and says "boy you look young, is that part of your disability?". ...... *** kind of question is that?
  17. Incredibly tired and ache all over. Woke up 8 times last night bleh. I think I got my mom's cold too on top of everything else. Just bring on the pain, the hell not lol
  18. I am very sorry your grandma is feeling that way. I can empathize with what she is going through.
  19. Never believe a label or prediction that does not empower you. I think I even broke a smile slightly after reading your last two threads I came across OP, thank you
  20. That I have made it this far and am still alive.
  21. I have no idea if it is or isn't but thank you! for this very useful perspective on life =) I will be sure to make use of it.
  22. Okay this is going to be difficult, but I'm gonna try anyway. 1) The sink wasn't a mess when I went to use it this morning 2) My sleep wasn't terrible last night 3) my bm's were decent(gross but whatever)t.
  23. Lots of us trudging along right by your side, NC86. Wonder how many pair of boots I've gone through? Too many, probably cleared out a Payless department store worth, I hear ya
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