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  1. Oh Marie, I can't even imagine trying to care for someone else with an anxiety disorder as well as trying to manage your own. :( My heart goes out to you! No worries on the long post, it's good to write it all out (both for you and for me, to understand what you have been going through). I agree with you that you should stick to the meds you are on currently until you see your doctor. The only other recommendation I can give is to try to get plenty of rest (if you can!) and stay on a schedule for sleep so your body can have some semblance of normalcy/routine. That really helps with your mental state if you can manage it. I know it's tough when you are anxious, believe me! I sometimes take melatonin just before bedtime and it helps me with my sleep. I also listen to soothing music or ocean sounds at bedtime to calm myself. I'm sorry you ran out of your PMS pills... hopefully you can get more soon! I get really bad anxiety nightmares while I have my period and it really messes me up. I tried taking the pill in the past because I also get really bad cramps — but when I took the pill, it gave me cramps every single day of the month! :( The massage is a fantastic idea... It should help relieve some of your stress. Keep me posted on how you're doing! -Deb
  2. 50mg is not a tremendously high dose. I was on it for a month and I never saw a change so I went up to 100mg. I would talk to your doctor about options, but personally I would try increasing the Zoloft to 75mg or 100mg with your doctor's approval. -Deb
  3. Kicker — Sorry to hear that you're experiencing shakiness and depression on 150mg. I would give it at least 2 full weeks before making any decisions (as that is the usual adjustment period). I think a little Xanax wouldn't hurt, either. If you find you aren't getting the relief you need after 14 days, perhaps Zoloft isn't for you. Or you could go Marie's route and wait it out some more. It's really up to you and your doctor to determine what you want to do. Marie — Wow, you are strong to be able to give it another month! Kudos to you, but I would say if you feel worse and you've been on it a month, I think it's probably not the right med for you. I know that's really tough to hear because you have invested so much time into it, but typically 150mg is a pretty high dose. But like I said above, it's ultimately up to you and your doctor to decide the best course of action. Perhaps once you are able to get in to see your doctor you can get off Zoloft and get onto Buspar instead like you were hoping. I hope both of you feel better soon! -Deb
  4. During your first two weeks (and possibly a tiny bit longer) you will have some rough patches. You're just finishing your second week, right? Feeling good for three days is very encouraging because it means you will probably benefit a lot more in the future!
  5. Patience is key... just take it one day at a time. Great idea to track your progress. I kept a journal during my journey to recovery and it really helped me. :)
  6. It's okay to be nervous about taking a new pill... or doing anything new, for that matter! You don't sound silly at all. It's extremely common to be concerned about it at first. You can't really mess it up as long as you take the pill around the same time every day. Many people recommend taking it in the morning since sometimes it can cause insomnia at first. If you're scared you will forget to take it, here's a tip... I keep my meds right next to my bed along with a glass of water. When I wake up and turn the alarm off in the morning, I see the medication and take it right away (before I do anything so I don't forget!). There is really no way to predict how it will go for you as everyone is different. It very well may make you feel ickier than before (temporarily), but some people don't have bad reactions so it's not a given that you will have trouble. Plus, the reward of it making you feel better later is totally worth the temporary suffering. If I may ask, what are you taking it for? You should at least get the prescription filled so if you do work up the courage to take it, you will have it there. :) Keep us posted! -Deb
  7. Good for you for getting help. And I am so glad to hear you are already feeling a bit better! Even if it does turn out to be temporary, it's a good sign for things to come. :)
  8. I know how you feel. You have been feeling horrible so you got on an A/D to help yourself get better, but you only feel worse initially. It is such a terrible thing to go through but you will start feeling better after a few weeks. I know that amount of time seems agonizing when you're depressed or anxious (or both!) but it will be worth it once you get out of this start-up period. You will be happy again even though you may not believe it now... just take my word for it. I went through the same thing and never thought I would get better, but I did. Take care, -Deb
  9. I wonder if you get depressed when your anxiety goes down or whether you were always depressed but since the anxiety feels so much worse, you don't recognize the depression until the anxiety becomes manageable. Not an easy question to answer, obviously. I feel a change in my Klonopin taper after 48 hours, but maybe I'm just extra sensitive. It is crazy how such a small reduction changes the body so much! My p-doc doesn't understand that portion of it either... he thinks it's fine to go cold turkey but then use Valium to drug myself up and "cover" it. I did not take him up on this offer... I don't feel that would work or be healthy! For now, I'll just keep plowing through the process and eventually I'll get off the stuff.
  10. Hi Molloy, Wow, what great progress! I am so glad you were able to reduce your dose, not need as many medications — and most importantly, feel better! There is a chance you could slip backward a bit in depression/anxiety however now that you have built up the Zoloft in your system, chances are you won't do that much slipping. How much of a reduction did you make? In terms of what to be on the lookout for ... if you haven't been doing so, I would suggest monitoring your level of anxiety/depression when you wake up, in the middle of the day, and at night. When I was suffering from depression/anxiety, I kept a daily journal (online) that I would update three times a day. It was a quick thing, and it really helped me to track my moods. I used a scale from 1-10 to estimate my feelings. My "10" score wasn't "I feel amazing" it was just "total absence of anxiety and minimal depression". Of course you can set your own scale based on your needs. I would simply write, for example: "Wake: 4/10 - anxiety, my heart was beating out of my chest. Mid-day: 6/10 - not as much anxiety but I don't feel that great. Night: 7/10 - feeling a little better tonight." If you do that every day, you can look back to see if you feel better or worse as time goes on. I would also note anything of special interest, such as appetite levels, activity levels, etc. Kudos for being able to taper off the Klonopin. I am currently trying to get off the stuff and am having trouble every time I approach 0.5mg. I can take 0.55mg with no problems at all, but when I attempt to further reduce, I have anxiety and insomnia. It's crazy what a difference a tiny sliver of a medication can make to your system! Luckily I see my p-doc on Monday and hopefully he will have some advice for me. I tried just toughing it out, but after two sleepless nights I gave in and took my extra 0.05mg so I could sleep. Take care, -Deb
  11. Hi, I'm not a doctor so please take my words only as my opinion, and please talk to your doctor about your concerns. Personally, I would not count the days on the lower dose because the medicine didn't help you on that dose. Some people need more than 50mg to get enough of the medicine for it to be beneficial. If you don't see ANY change, I would suggest talking to your doctor about either increasing your dosage or trying another medication. I know you are sensitive to medications so it's tough for me to tell you what to do, especially since I'm not a doctor. What medicines have you tried? -Deb
  12. People who judge you by your looks aren't worth getting to know. They are shallow and they aren't worth your time. I know it hurts when people make fun of you, but anyone who picks on someone else is a jerk. I would suggest joining some sort of club like GSpolar mentioned. If you like to read, maybe a book club. Joining a club keeps the focus on the activity rather than any one person there. Another thing you could do is play online video games where you will meet other people playing the same game ... like Call of Duty. I have met all of my friends through the Internet and Playstation gaming because I am shy, too. If you play a game like Call of Duty, you can talk to people over the mic but there is no video. I don't know if anything I am saying is helpful, but those are my suggestions. Lastly, and I know this isn't the issue here (bullying is the issue), if you really hate your scars you could go to a dermatologist and see what they recommend, or get a facial laser treatment. I have a friend (that I met on the internet) who did that because he had bad acne scarring and he was very self-conscious. It helped him a lot. Good luck and I hope you can find some friends out there who aren't shallow. It's amazing how many mean people there are in this world. -Deb
  13. Furqan, Have you seen a neurologist for your headaches? I am wondering if Gabapentin would be a better fit for you than Zoloft. Having mouth pain and other symptoms that aren't going away doesn't seem worth it, especially if Zoloft isn't even helping you. Gabapentin is given for migraines and also to help stop anxiety. I take it for anxiety relief and mood boosting and it helps me a lot. It might be worth talking to your doctor about. It's brand name is Neurontin. I am not a doctor so please take my advice as only that. :) -Deb
  14. Oh no! You're just like me, then, in terms of the Hydroxyzine. Oh well. :( The only other med I can recommend that isn't a benzo is Gabapentin BUT... although it is not a controlled substance, many people who go on it for anxiety say it's similarly hard to withdraw from, like a benzo. I said who cares about the withdrawal process, I need anxiety relief NOW! And it truly has helped me a ton. If you think you might want to try it, keep in mind the first week you're on it, you may feel super, super tired, like you can't even get up... or you may feel stoned. I took it at night for the first week after getting stoned off it the first time I took it... not on purpose!... and then started taking it during the day after that and I have had no issues.
  15. It doesn't seem that the Lexapro is really helping you if you have been on it for that long and you still have terrible anxiety. Of course I am not a doctor, but I would think you would be seeing results by now. I am not really familiar with the dosage for that particular A/D because I haven't taken it before. Maybe you need a little more? Xanax would be a huge help I'm sure, but many doctors won't prescribe benzos because of their dependency issues. Would your primary doc be okay prescribing something else that is non-habit forming? There is a med called Hydroxyzine which is an anti-histamine with anti-anxiety properties. It makes most people drowsy — but it also knocks out the anxiety so many people find it to be a great option. This particular med did not work for me (instead it had a paradoxical effect and gave me insomnia!) but I would definitely recommend you try it. Perhaps at bedtime first in case it knocks you out! :)
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