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  1. I know some people are really good at plastering a fake smile on their face and being happy sunshine sparkle fun when they're deporessed and miserable and I and definitely... ...not one of them. Heh. My feelings are right out there. Does your depression make itself obvious, or are you able to hide it from others?
  2. No, not that. :D It's legal here, but I'm hesitant to try it for depression. I'm talking about the stuff like St. John's Wort, etc. I use an herbal blend at the moment from a local health food store, but I have to say that all it really does is keep me from going into a despair cycle. It doesn't really lift my mood or even things out. I think it's called True calm. I used to do 5-Http, but it made me so sick to my stomach sometimes that I stopped.
  3. Hi, Innsmouth! Love your name :D I just got here myself yesterday. You'll discover very quickly that people here are very friendly and helpful.
  4. I figure the friends I have now wouldn't--I can accept this intellectually--but my brain likes to remind me of the people who did back in 2006- or so that was the worst I'd ever had it. So I tend to be wary for anything that looks like it.
  5. Put the last week's laundry away just in time to do more laundry.Got the dishes out of the sink and into the dishwasher. took a shower.
  6. Curently? Doing pretty good. This forum is a big help already. still have an undercurrent of depressed anger about my friend that runs off when I get really depressed. She also drops whatever we're working on together (we do turn-based forum roleplays) to rolpeplay with whomever is more interesting at the time. Starting to wonder why she even thinks of herself as my friend. Countrymomof2, that is so lovely of you to do that :D
  7. I think my friends on Livejournal are getting sick of me and my depression. One hasn't spoken to me in nearly a week. When this happens, I've usually been struggling with a severe low point in my cycling, because she's always happy to hang out and talk online when I'm feeling good :/ Anyway, my name is kind of long so you can just call me Nyx. I've had depression for about ten years now, usually cycling, though sometimes it delves into longer-duration low points that can last a month or two. The past two months have been hard on me--usually triggered by something outsie of myself--and I worry of losing friends if it keeps up. (I know, if they leave, they weren't really friends, and they all say that too, including the one who disappears without a word, but I still worry and feel scared and even more depressed at these times. so about myself, since I know I am not my illness, even if it's hard to separate myself some days. i just turned 50, I've been a gamer since 1982 (starting with tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons and moving on to computer games. Current big obsessions are the Elder Scrolls series, World of Warcraft, and the Fallout series), artsy/crafty stuff (when I don't feel compelled to hide in a game) writing (working on a novel), reading (big Stephen King fan, and a friend is trying to get me into Game of Thrones), cats (I have one calcio, she's my baby) and loads of other stuff that I really enjoy when my brain isn't acting up. So as I said, I KNOW on an intellectual level than my online friends care and are supportive, but past experience has taught me that you can only go on about it so far before they start walking away. so I'm very glad I found this place. I'm in a low place right now, what with the one friend having wandered off into silence again--I don't think she gets that it triggers my abanondment fears--so maybe being able to discuss things here and not feeling like I'm shouting down a tunnel hearing my own echo will help some. I might be putting up a blog here to talk about this sort of stuff, once I get the lay of the land.
  8. Hi there, just joined myself. You're certainly not alone in this. I struggled for years to find a place that I could deal with, depressed or not. After 15+ years in call center hell (worst place ever to work if you're depressed and/or introverted, like me!) I finally found a quiet if often very boring data entry job and am getting my life together. I won't bore you with my story, but I'm a few years older (hehe, I'm 50) than you, so please know that this sort of thing knowsn no age limits.
  9. I can relate. it feels like all my friends are happy and I'm not. irt really does suck badly. I don't have any good advice to impart, but you sure aren't alone in feeling this way.
  10. What a lovely story. I love cats :D I just got here myself, Friendlycat. Your name caught my eye before I even made my own intro post. welcome :D
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