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  1. I never used to have OCD until I started a higher dose of Sertaline, 150mg. I really don't mind it. My home stays tidy, but it drives me emotionally insane when things are out of place now
  2. Hi! I started on Zoloft from Prozac back in January when I was in the hospital. I was started at 50mg and just that small dose made me very very restless and nauseated for about a week. About two weeks in I was only eating plan cooked noodles without puking. The adjustment period was horrible for me. It took about a month for things to feel any better... In fact in the first month things seemed to get worse. Within two months of starting I was moved to 150mg. I'm very good at this dose and it controls my anxiety and depression well. But when I forget to take the one and a half 100mg pills in the morning then my entire day is rough. I become over emotional and easily frustrated and more anxious than ever. This medication certainly is not for everyone. It works great for me but has had some horrible downs.
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