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  1. It took me nearly all day, but I managed to take a shower at 4pm. Afterward, I made an easy dinner for myself, and now I'm currently finishing up a few loads of laundry.
  2. Mixed. I'm feeling a little perkier than I did this morning, but I also feel melancholic.
  3. I'm not good at hiding it around family, so I don't even try to hide it anymore. When I'm around others though, I always try to smile and act normal. It would be too awkward if they could see how depressed I actually am.
  4. I don't work right now, so my weekends just blend into the weekdays. I just try to go with the flow and take it day by day.
  5. A single serving cup of cookie dough ice cream.
  6. I finally made it out of bed at 3pm and took a really quick shower. I'm forcing myself to eat dinner soon. I haven't accomplished much today, but given how badly I feel, I think I've done enough.
  7. I'm feeling severely depressed today. It took me almost the whole day just to get out of bed - and that was only because I actually had to.
  8. I've been feeling pretty good today because of all the celebrating, but now that it's getting dark out, I'm starting to feel depressed again. I really, really don't want to be alone with my thoughts again.
  9. I walked to the grocery store for a few things, which lifted my mood a little, even though the weather has been kind of gloomy. Since it's the 4th, I helped make our celebratory dinner and cleaned up a little afterward. I also plan on doing a very small load of laundry before bed.
  10. Sitting in bed, browsing Tumblr and thinking about what to have for breakfast.
  11. Very humid and rainy. We had quite the thunderstorm early this morning.
  12. I was feeling very anxious and severely depressed this morning, but I feel a little better now. Mostly, I just feel really rundown and worn out mentally. I don't want to do anything except curl up in bed and watch a movie.
  13. Is there anyway you could talk to a school counselor about it? Even speaking with a school nurse might be helpful. They might be able to educate your mom about your weight, if your mom won't take you to the doctor.
  14. I got a shower today, which was at the top of my list. I can't say it really made me feel any better, but it was at least one less thing to think about. I also had/plan to have a healthy lunch and dinner. Depression makes me feel so tired and worn down and cooking is one of those things that gets put on the back burner, but a PB and banana sandwich or oatmeal isn't too hard, so that's what I'll be having today. Aside from those things, the only other thing I accomplished today was the laundry. Luckily that's not too difficult because I can break it up into portions. Having fresh clothes to put on makes me feel better too. Oh, I forgot that I also started tracking my moods again. I think it'll be useful in figuring things out.
  15. I barely ate yesterday but managed to eat a lot of takeaway for dinner today. Now I feel kind of guilty for eating so much. :/
  16. I attempted to bring the trashcan into the garage but the garbage men were new to my block and didn't pick it up. Now bringing it in the house is on my to-do list for tomorrow. Signing up for this website was something I really wanted to do today too. It'd be nice to have support. My biggest accomplishment today was simply taking a shower. It's becoming harder and harder to convince myself to take one every day, but somehow I manage to do it. It's still such a chore though.
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