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  1. Well this is my third week of my CBT and as interesting as it is, anf I can truly see the benefits of the techniques that they teach. BUT, I am feeling more stressed/anxious now than I was before starting! The problem is, I am scared to attempt these techniques through the fear of failure? .... which in turn causes me stress and anxiety that has lead to my depression taking hold again. I know that there are many other forms of therapy that could help me, but now my fear is that I may dig myself deeper into this darkness after each attempt to help myself. Unfortunately I have nothing in me that could help you all right now, so I wil just send you my prayers and hugs.
  2. p*****, as in drunk and yet I still find myself here on DF!! It goes to show how great you all are :-) ;-) :-D ((((Hugs)))) to all If you were here know 'as in where I am' I would tell you all how much I love you and that you are my best friends lol, I think it's time for bed?
  3. Well I am now sitting in my own place for the first time in a looong time, all the excitement/fear/anxiety has all been very anti climatic. I already feel board although I have many more things to do, but still I sit here listening to classic fm while I try to read my book on Berthe Morisot and catch up with my DF friends. Who said men can only do one thing at a time? Sending big hugs to all.
  4. Whooop whoop Thought I'd drop in. Oh,and one more thing. ..................... I THINK THIS IS A WIN FOR ME ME Muahahaha evil laugh ;-)
  5. Move In Friday :-D Is this cheating?
  6. Don't be down on yourself mate, just remember this some of the most beautiful art is made out of granite! !! Decorated Flat Today
  7. Hey Rainyy, sorry you feel so alone right now. Your right in some way, lots of people listen but not actually hear what you have to say! But here you have a captive community who have more things in common than most. What I am trying to say is that we are all here for each other in both good and bad times ;-) and believe me when I say this, we hear every word that is said. DF is the best place to be with the best people. I hope you find what you need with your new friends here on DF. SENDING YOU (((HUGS)))
  8. So Good Looking. ...........Not Bald Podgy Self conscious
  9. I dont feel like posting today, but my thought, prayers and (((hugs))) goes out to you all.
  10. Hey hope you are well, I'll pm you for an update :-) Oh and I'll take that win while I'm here thank you very much
  11. I'm feeling completely alone, weak, and scared that I have forgotten how to exist on my own.
  12. Apprehensive Confused Scared
  13. Well, I think that means that I have just jumped into the drivers seat :O sorry
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