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  1. I'm slightly disabled and try to find work and its hard. I can't do heavy lifting or stand for long periods. Not here but a couple of people suggested I move to a larger center for more work and supports but if you have a hard time struggling with what money you get how can you move? I do what I can but when you want to work and know that if you could get minimum wage you would make more than on disability you begin to wonder. Anyway I keep plugging away and hope for something before I lose my car, as I need it to get to my doctor.
  2. Not a lot, I had been walking back from the grocery store and was thinking about how things are for me and then I kept thinking I don't have any close friends or close family what if I didn't exist? Not that I have ever really considered this, I have in the past been used for my knowledge and couldn't get anything for helping others even though I was struggling and they weren't. I stopped all volunteering and I haven't driven anywhere because the cost of gas is too high. On my way back from the store, I was almost to my apartment building when someone said "Do you need a ride"? I answered no and said I live just here and I thought it was nice it was the first time someone had gone out of their way for me.
  3. I've tried a couple of these forums and never had anyone respond to me. I feel alone and no longer know what to do.
  4. I am a mature slightly disabled person who lives on disability. While I try really hard its tough to make it work. I'd work as there are certain jobs I could do but it is difficult in finding any near where I live. For the last 2 days I haven't gone out once one because there is no where to go and second I don't have the gas money to go anywhere. I really don't know what to do anymore. I have no close friends or close family. My only comfort is my tv and my computer as I love to play computer games especially Star Wars the Old Republic but I may not have those for much longer. Sometimes I feel like there is no where to turn and if I were gone no one would really miss although I've never considered suicide. Thanks for reading my story.
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