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  1. Perplexed. My life got flipped upside down again, very quickly and out of the blue over the course of one week. Lol
  2. That I was going to send a message to my boss about why I wouldn't show up to work today and then.. I fell back asleep and woke up past the time when I was supposed to be there. -_-''
  3. ((((((((((((((((((((anita)))))))))))))))))))))) Stay strong, it'll be over and done with soon and then good things will come!
  4. The world is pretty crap... I can't argue with that, even when I'm having good days. The entire premise of it, the only way to survive is to make other living creatures suffer and/or take their life away.
  5. I am facing the truth I got to change the way I live Can't go on this way The price is too high to pay Life is a game I got to learn how to play I make my own rules 'Cause now I am free to choose
  6. "The Baba Dook" (spelling?), it had great reviews but it was awful and made no sense. Imho~
  7. :( I wish I could hug you through the monitor.
  8. And some words disappear altogether, I found out that the hard way and had my post look stupid due to a huge blank space lol.
  9. Lol.. My advice, use imgur and link it from there ;P
  10. Anxiety is making a comeback due to me pushing the limits of what my psyche can handle pretty strongly, but I'm not backing down this time.. Not going back to running away from it. This time I'm going all in or going down in flames trying : P
  11. Alternating pessimism optimism
  12. Time has changed the seasons And I will go on with no reason I feel my life slipping away These streets are getting colder And I am growing older Tomorrow seems so far away. It's a good song~
  13. Having those thoughts is the worst. I struggle with them too. Try to remember that most people don't think about others too much at all, they've got more than enough to worry about themselves. They don't judge you half as much as you judge yourself.
  14. So nervous right now. First higher power to make this happen can have my soul. Best deal, get your soul now, just help me out here. A tiny miracle will do.~
  15. Personally I think there was no beginning. That the building blocks were always there, and have been soaring through the nothingness forever. And I don't agree that there really is a perfected motion. The universe is pure chaos, the illusion of harmony that allows us to live in relative stability for now is just because there is so much out there that somewhere sometime it HAD to line up like this, especially since (or so I believe) there is no beginning or end to things so that's a lot of time to work with.
  16. Never underestimate the fragility of love if you have to struggle when married quickly. What is the ________ of __________ and why is it __________?
  17. Well now I almost feel bad for throwing away the old furniture ruined by cat pee a year ago..
  18. So I joined a dating site and.. "According to our analytics.. Women who like drama are often interested in you." Lol
  19. Bring me Frodo and in return I will give you the power of Pippin or Merry. If ________ is ________, what does that make ________?
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