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  1. Are they really that nice to give people free meds?
  2. He looks crestfallen, He grew a big head, Let m***** happen, He created a monster to knock him off his throne, He fights to keep going Nobody's listening He begs and pleads but nobody cares I laugh as he falls The dead will arise.
  3. We always have everything we need right there in front of us in every given moment. We just need to see it.
  4. Dr Moneybags won't help you. His greed is causing too much negative energy. He's putting a price on your suffering.
  5. I have learnt today to beware of false friends.
  6. Mass m*****. A very serious crime. Serious consequences. You let it happen. I will eat your souls and them out.
  7. Where are you whistleblowers? Come out and save us all. including your own selfish arses or we‘re all screwed.
  8. I want rid of these tyrants. They've killed so many. Nobody does anything. For those that let it happen, they will **** them as well. if people hadn't gone along with it, all those people wouldn't have died. The spineless followers think they're saving their own skin. Just doing their job. They're wrong. Karma‘s a Biotch and i will pi** on them when they beg for mercy.
  9. They say to work but won't employ you. They call you a scounger when you beg for food. You beg and beg but they will act superior if they give you food. i would rather starve than sell my soul to the Devil. God's as bad. Where is he? They **** a willing horse then wonder why the horse can't work. I feed off their evil like they feed off my suffering. I hardly eat but i don't lose weight. I feed off their cruelty. My neck expanded. i would feed off good and generate good if these Barstewards stopped torturing me. if it doesn't stop, they're screwed. Evil scum. They make money from those they abuse and won't let them earn it back. They're viewed as scum. The higher they think they are, the harder they fall. When these tyrants beg for food, I will laugh in their faces. Justice WILL be mine. I will give them enough rope.
  10. Highanxiety, i feel an apocalypse happening as well. Lots of strange events, coincidences etc. If everyone is fair to themselves and others I think it could be stopped. People need to remember there's two sides to every story.
  11. I've noticed celebrities who tell us to give to charities have millions of pounds. They might start off good but then ego takes over and they sell their soul to the Devil. The Devil then uses them and spits them out. Ego trip comes before a fall. Why can't they be fair? I'm being persecuted at the moment. I am scrambling for coins and nobody does anything . The ones who go along with it are as bad. I hate them. I can‘t wait for justice to be done but i will make sure I don't end up like these tyrant *****.
  12. If God and Satan reunited, the universe could be saved. It's just two sides of the same coin. Satanists drink blood. God worshippers also drink the blood of Christ. A crucifix, that Christ was tortured on is used as a symbol for people to show their love for Jesus. Its like someone shooting someone and saying i will wear a gun around my neck to show how much i love you. Is one side really better than the other? Really? Evil happens because ‘good‘ people do nothing. They're both as bad as each other. If they both had empathy and conscience for each other. The entire Universe could be brilliant for us all. No more suffering.
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