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  1. you're welcome! :) I guess I do have bad thoughts about other people but that never shows in my actions towards them.
  2. Hi and welcome! I hate when that happens it's truly frustrating.
  3. Right before my period i get very depressed thinking about suicide for a couple of days, but then it gets better and i think im fine. Then the circle continues. I'm at a low point now but i never seem to be in a good mood. just meh ok and then down
  4. Hi welcome here. It can be really hard to find someone especially when sufflering from depression.
  5. I'm also feeling defeated. I cant seem to get it together anymore.
  6. I'm feeling similar, I just dont have any motivation left. The past three years in college has worn me out and i feel like im at a breaking point. I have been able to pick myself up and get through it in the past but this time I havent been able to focus on anything. I'm just not motivated. I'm sad. I feel like crying all the time. I'm damn tired. I ****ing hate assignments and tests and endless exams. Especially oral exams which are coming up. And presentations. **** it makes life unbearable.
  7. Jealousy is something that triggers bad feelings in me and makes me depressed. I have basically cut friends out of my life and have to unfollow people on social media because they make me feel bad.
  8. I get very jealous when I see people living the life I always dreamed of.
  9. I'm down and thinking bad thoughts as an exam is approaching and I just can't handle it anymore. My motivation has just dissapeared and I'm tired and can't pull myself together.
  10. I think so, I really put a lot of value in being honest.
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