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  1. Turth is I have not yet spoken to my Doctor about all the emotions arosing but I do have therapy once a week. I did think of going to the emergency rooms should I not be able to shake off this suicidal thoughts I have been having for sometime now. Some days its easy to shake it off, but other days it comes rather strongly. I do live with family, however I struggle to ask for help at times, because this illness is so draining on them and for the simple reason for them wanting me to "just get over it". My medication was changed once again and that might be the reason for the up and down the past or so 3 weeks. Thank you for your support.
  2. I feel hopeles, rejected and battling with suicidal thoughs.
  3. Hi, I am new to this forum but perhaps not so new to anxiety and depression. I found this forum in my desperate search for help without having to drain those around me. Actually, in my world I kinda live alone in total isolation because I came to a point where I cannot speak to anyone about the space I find myself in. I am 38 and my first diagnose of depression or some sort of mental illness was diagnosed at age 14. I am currently diagnosed for bipolor and anxiety, however I believe the diagnosis might be incorrect and that I am actually suffering from PTSD. Anxiety, I do not deny though. I was hoping to become a part of some kind of community who can understand me.
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