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  1. I have some deep troubling issue with job searching. Fear and anxiety crops up and I just get real depress when I have to think about it. but I am feeling stuck at my current job (warehouse) and need something that will suit me and pay me descent wage. I dread a job that I will get bored of or be around people I don't like. I have a couple of health issue also, (pinched nerver in neck and some nerve problem in my mouse hand that prevents prolong usage. So no seating in front of a computer all day. Anyways, it is already kinda bumming me out typing this. Anyone with similar problem? and things you do to make it easier. For me, I got my last two jobs because of someone I know. So I know networking is often the best and easiest way, instead of sending out a bunch of resume that ends up as trash in some HR person's email inbox. I am in the San Jose area btw, so if you have job leads let me know.
  2. Yeah, I like people who talk more than me so I don't have to carry the conversation. but I get real talkative when it's something I am into. I don't know, maybe I am just anti-social and don't really want to talk to people unless we share common interest.
  3. I should look into volunteering, never done it before. I actually really enjoy teaching people or helping people with stuff. I need to look more into that to see whether a teaching job is feasible.
  4. Starsea, those are some good tips. thx for sharing. I wish I have a puppy, in fact every depressed person should have one My old roommate had one before. every time I walk that litttle guy, people would come up and talk to me, and girls would smile at me and ask me if they can pet him.....
  5. u have meds for your panic attack? I been dealing with anxiety, had xanax and klonopin.
  6. I almost never have approached women just randomly. I think the only time I did, I was walking my friend's puppy. :-)
  7. yeah, small talk is what many introverts suck at. Also, I gotta get ready for some interviews. aarrh, I hate interviews even more.
  8. Dr. Jordan B. Peterson -- Redefining Reality https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOgSqHtTtHY anybody a fan of this guy? I saw a buch of his videos on youtube before, btw, he dealt with depression before....
  9. I am proud I didn't quit my job today. My manager and another guy was just pi**ing me off. I kept it all inside. I was glad at the end of the day, I was able to vent with two other co-workers. Helped out a lot. But bottomline, I need to get motivated to look for another job. this one is just a dead end.
  10. Thanks for the response, guys! I actually haven't tried to go to any Meetups yet, just browsed through what's available in my area. I tried online dating sites a long time ago, but did not have any luck. I tried other things before from recommendation from my therapist (who is Christian, but I am not) going to my friend's church plus his bible study group. going to AA meetings. They were both interesting experience that I am glad I went to check it out, but bottom line I wasn't religious. Although AA is not supposely "religious", IMO it really is. And I wasn't an addict (just pretending to be one to play along) so I felt out of place there, but the atmosphere is friendly and better that being alone at home. There were many people there dealing with depression also. But AA got old for me after a while. I think many introvert can relate to this. It makes things much easier if you have a wingman, not just for girls but just meeting new people. Its takes too much effort to me to maintain a fluid conversation, it helps when there is a third person. I never did the Toastmaster thing. Maybe I will try that.
  11. It's tough for me to meet new people. Someone recommended Meetup, but nothing on there really interests me. I tend to make friends through the hobbies and sports that I do. But right now I am dealing with some chronic injury so it's hard to do the activity I usually do. So, if you can, share some of your ways to meet new people. Btw, I am in my early 40's if that helps. Henry
  12. I thought about this before also, I been depressed for a long time, and have not find these forums all that enticing. They are good for getting information, or venting, or reading about other people's experience, but I don't think relying on it as your only support is all that healthy or beneficial. I don't think most therapists in general promote online forums as support, because they want you to get out of your room and be around people. One could argue that with the digital age, and the popularity of social networking apps, people are more connected digitally, but actually more isolated physically. I wonder if there is an article on this topic written by a psychiastrist who studied this. Anyways, I need to stop typing this and get out my room. ;-)
  13. Good for you, I wish I had done that when I was going to college instead of staying at home trying to save money. I ended up dropping out as my depression started to come on strong. It sucks to be stuck in a negative environment. Just saps the energy out of one's soul.
  14. Unfortunately not much. I look forward to the weekends because I don't have to work, but I spend my weekends doing nothing. I feel like I am stuck in this rut and just trapped. It sucks when you are 42 and living at home with your parents and a brother that you don't talk to. and I can't afford to live on my own with my low paying job. I don't really have any close friends and I don't attempt to reach out to others. and I don't even know if there are any women will even want to hang around somelike me. I just feel broken. I guess that I should be thankful that I am at least working and have access to meds and therapy from medical. I want change, but I don't know if it's possible.
  15. Thx for sharing, That is great that you find a connection with your therapist on the first try. You do get attached to a therapist, and it becomes hard to wanna switch. (but I have heard a recommendation to switch therapists every couple of years, just to get a new perspective on things) I guess it's possible for therapist to raise the fees after seeing that you are gonna be a returning client. If you don't mind me asking, how much were you paying and how much did she raise the rate? My first therapist had what they call a "sliding scale". So I guess if you tell them that you make a descent living, the rates will be higher? I was pretty broke, was paying about $60-70. Now I am getting it for free on Medical. My therapist's schedule is pretty open and he said I could see him as often as possible. Which makes me wonder if he is basically getting paid by the session. (but I don't go that much, due to work reasons) Afer all, as they say, money makes the world go around.
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