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  1. I get my love of trance from my 60 year old dad believe it or not
  2. I'm an utter geek although nobody would think it. I want to breed my ragdoll cat and have loads of kittens. I use oldy woldy phrases that no one understands.
  3. Music plays a big part in my life. I was brought up on classic rock thanks to my mum and that has progressed to a love of black/thrash/industrial metal, punk. EBM, aggrotech. I also secretly love a bit of old school trance
  4. Coming home to a lovely home cooked meal and cuddles with my cat. It's the simple things in life
  5. Someday I'd like to pack up and leave Blighty to travel/work knowing that I'll never have to go back. Just me, the mister and my cat
  6. Mine would have to be Butt**** Nowhere because I seem to be the only one around
  7. When I finished a cycle on mirtazipine I suffered with terrible insomnia, I'll never go back on them. I'm currently on 150mg ven xr and the night sweats are TERRIBLE, I'm also suffering with a lot of jaw clenching (I broke a molar because of it). I'm now considering going back to GP. Can any one suggest a similar SSRI? Preferably one with less night sweat symptoms
  8. The only advice is please never go cold turkey. The side effects can be compared to coming off of a hardcore drug. I have shakes, dizziness, restlessness, night terrors hiluciations and the dreaded brain zaps. These side effects lasted a good month please tapper off venlafaxine!!
  9. Through personal experience I've learnt that the only people who truly understand are those suffering with mental health themselves. GPs are by far the least understanding
  10. I have been suffering with jaw clenching for a while now. It's disrupting my sleep, I'm eating less and have even broken a tooth because of it. I can't wear a mouth guard and have tried asprin, paracetamol and cocodamol but has no affect. Please advise me of any pain relief or remedies that could help because this pain is getting unbareable Thanks
  11. This is a fairly embarrassing question to ask but I've been on 150mg Effexor xl for a month now and my night sweats have got really intense, I won't go into detail but I have noticed that my sweat now smells like sour cream Pringles, hmmm. My diet hasn't changed and I haven't eaten Pringles since before I started my treatment. My question is has anyone noticed the smell of their sweat/personal odour has changed?
  12. Sorry for the super late update. After a few weeks of feeling sorry for myself I applied for a few more local jobs and got a role as a healthcare assistant. This job helped me get over all the problems with my previous job, my team are so friendly and supportive and my confidence has grown massively. I never persued a claim against my old manager because of money and health issues but I'm glad I didn't. Losing my job was the best thing that could have happened to me and believe it or not it helped my recovery.
  13. Effexor should always be taken with or after food because of its tendency to cause nausea, vomiting, ect
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