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  1. Not good. I'm stuck at work by myself with No fun people to chat with. The new management is running off all the good workers and it's just me now. The other 2 people here are outside in there cars.
  2. I don't think it's stubborn to not want to get hacked and lose your rent and food money. It's already happened twice or 3 times.
  3. I feel like everything is getting really bad again. Time to go stand on the bridge this time for real or live under the bridge. What a constant struggle. Exhausting this life. And all this at Christmas
  4. What is up with that celery that smells perfumy and has the most awful taste. Someone put it in a dish yesterday and it ruined it. No one even mentioned any problems with the dressing.
  5. @sober4life they are back to forcing people to use a card again. I'm not using a card just because they want me to. If it wasn't for the toilet paper and jalapenos I wouldn't go in there for anything.
  6. I thought I had a friend and then i realized I didn't. I don't have the time anyway I've got my material possessions, house work and cats to keep me busy.
  7. Was going to return something today because its not the right color but now im being double charged so I guess im stuck with it. I'm not shopping there again I hate that place! Enjoy your shopping everyone!
  8. I feel like today is the most depressing day ever or was it yesterday or the day before or is it tommorow.
  9. Nonstop nonsense 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  10. There is a heavy dust problem here so imagine a floor covered in dust and a toilet covered in dust.
  11. How often do you clean your bathroom? I just cleaned mine after using a flashlight looking for where the bugs were coming from, and it was dusty, dirty and mold on walls. These are normal living conditions aren't they? If not get me out of here.
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