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  1. Would you ring up 5,000 grocery items in 1 hour for $14?
  2. If there was a god he would relieve me of my duties. Reading verses out of a book ain't gonna help either. And no I'm not taking pills either. I will just have to find another job.
  3. I never needed this person they just kept calling and talking about useless information. Lol
  4. No one likes me either but I like it that way. I would like to have one friend though but not someone who calls every day and ask where I'm at and what I'm doing. I don't like answering to anyone and this seems like useless information to me.
  5. That would explain it because I've worked everywhere any they ain't nobody that laughs that much.
  6. How do people laugh for hours on end at work. It takes alot for me to laugh I don't get it.
  7. The squirrel outside has bulging bumps on it again. I wonder if it has rabies or a disease or was bitten by something? Anyway stay away from my babies!
  8. White castle burgers and little debbie cake
  9. I'm off today and I've blocked all calls from coming through so I should be good today. Now if I could just get stuff done
  10. Like I don't want to be friends with my friend. Im not giving out any more personal information if they're going to blab it everywhere. I never had a friend before and I don't want one now. Thank you!
  11. Like a miserable person is supposed to feel
  12. A cheap tv dinner that is actually really good
  13. Cleaned 2 litter boxes
  14. Hot ham and cheese sandwich. More later on
  15. In my experience of having a friend it means someone to dump your problems on, someone to use, and someone that can say whatever they want to you because there your 'friend'. I don't want anymore friends. Especially fake ones, which is everyone.
  16. No one to talk to tonight at work oh well
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