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  1. Me and the cat not doing well. Hopefully he will be okay because I don't want to lose him after all we've been through
  2. Its time for tv and sleep again so I'm doing good
  3. I'm on vacation and don't have to work today so I'm good. Hope everyone has a pleasant day 🌫
  4. It's time for tv and sleep again so I'm pretty good
  5. Does anyone have any idea how this website will ever recover? Oh well I'll just hop over to the next one
  6. Me and my cat are done. We are tired of sitting around here wasting the days with endless thoughts and constant mood swings. We know it doesn't get any better we know. I never wanted this life but I tried really hard to do everything in the life program and here I am. Theres no way I'm hanging around or working till I'm 80. Ain't no way.
  7. I thinks it's to program or scare us or its so that we are forced to pay for better tv or its so that we get sick of it and we get out of the house and become productive members of society or its to influence people to go into that type of work because there's a shortage. I think it's just so strange that every channel is like this.
  8. Just woke up again now it's time for 12 more hours of crime stories
  9. I feel like my cat is the best friend I will ever have in this life
  10. @sober4life I know I saw that today. I didn't mean anything by my comment this place is the least of my worries.
  11. Hope everyone is enjoying this rainy cold day. I guess the overnight maintenance didn't fix anything so I guess this is it.
  12. I opened up a can of worms today and now I've got worms real bad. They're even knocking on the door there so loud. What do I do now? I thought it would be okay to open the worms. Big mistake! ???
  13. The robots are here! Not only are they taking our jobs and now our websites they're taking away our fun place to hide.
  14. Today I am doing 2 hours house cleaning so I feel good about that.
  15. I would like to say bye to everyone who's been here all this time and I hope we all find something that keeps us going like this place has. You guys have been the nicest people I will keep posting as long as I can I know probably nobody cares but
  16. The site is not profitable so someone is bringing it down. Down to the ground.
  17. Went to McDonald's on accident
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