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  1. watalife

    How Do You Feel Right Now #8

    On death row. Literally
  2. watalife

    How Do You Feel Right Now #8

    Great! The rats are busy at work and everything else is deteriorating as well. Everythings right on cue.
  3. watalife

    How Do You Feel Right Now? #7

    Absolutely horrible thanks to my living situation and pitiful pets. Can't wait till I'm just a memory in the wind. Or whatever they say. Everyday it's something new. As I type this there is some creature crawling back and forth above my ceiling. I'm guessing a rat or mouse. Why do we have to suffer all the time..
  4. watalife

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

    Hungry but I can't eat
  5. watalife

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

    Ready for my next job. Here we go
  6. watalife

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

    Problems at work and now at home. I can't get away from the madness. At least my cats are still friendly. THANK you lord.
  7. The Road. It was boring. I fast forwarded the second hour to make sure I wasn't missing anything
  8. watalife

    The Post Anything Thread (2)

    This is supposed to be the most wonderful time of year but it sure as hell isn't for me. What a crock!
  9. watalife

    Psychiatry/Psychology : A Sham

    I finally realized it after 15 years of dealing with them
  10. Me me me!!!! Not having parents or decent upbringing makes it even more obvious. Life is pain. No pain no gain. When I look around at other peoples lives and what I could have, im not interested. It must be a mental problem
  11. watalife

    Random Thoughts 2

    I hate all jobs PERIOD! There is no happy place for me to work for the rest of my life. I best be finding a husband.
  12. watalife

    The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    Starving to death. I've had two decent size meals and cereal and I'm still hungry.
  13. watalife

    Tell Them Off Here

    This sounds familiar. Im dealing with this scenario at work right now. B1tch get your ass to work. Yo momma didn't raise your ass right. Smh. dam
  14. watalife

    Random Thoughts 2

    Im starting to see a pattern
  15. watalife

    Random Thoughts 2

    Im glad I don't have life insurance because there doesn't need to be a funeral for someone like me. Im just glad I don't have to worry if anyones going to show up. Its a open shut deal. Just send me off to hell. What a relief. I don't want anyone to be pressured to go to a funeral for someone they never liked.