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  1. People are so stuck up on words with friends. I might as well go live outside with the critters
  2. I need a new identity or need to move to a different state where I haven't worked at every single retail or food establishment. Or i could sell everything and hit the streets. Or become someone slave. I like working but it's the worst part of my life. I was born to work and that's just stupid. Come on afterlife or non existence. Whatever it is.
  3. Last week i dreamed my orange cat was still alive and living across the street under the neighbors bed. The house was dirty and smoke filled and she needed a bath
  4. Yesterday it was listening to 10 hours of current country music. Country has become rap like 😁
  5. I'm not begging anyone to call, hang out, or care about me. If I'm not on your mind, then I'm not on your mind. Well I'm not asking anymore. Why don't you ask or even offer a suggestion. Goodbye because I'm too busy to.
  6. My dad hardly ever calls me, makes plans with me and even acts like he cares about me so today I'm giving him a dose of his own medicine. I've been off work for 4 months and have plenty of time to hang out with him and he never even calls. Recently I said i wish you would make plans with me at least once a week and nothing. So i don't care anymore. When I work i have no time for nothing so times up.
  7. Online shopping, ate a sandwich, ate soup, went to 2 stores, now hungry again
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