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  1. @sober4life i agree. I bought a pair of supposed good shoes ($60) for work at a popular store and after 2-3 days the paint was fading off. My generic shoes never did that 😒
  2. Can't wait for the show tonight I will be laughing like crazy
  3. @jkd_sd Use the @ symbol and type a few letters of the name and select the username
  4. @SoulSurvivor that's what I say about crime shows. It's ok here and there but everyday on every channel and very graphic scenes. What does that say about the person who watches repeatedly and what about the ones who enjoyed making the movies. Evil people evil world equals hell.
  5. Disgusted. I just thoroughly cleaned and mopped my floor yesterday and I just noticed that it's already covered in heavy dust. Im allergic to dust and constantly itch. I'll be glad when if ever I get out of this pit. I need a miracle.
  6. I think I will turn this phone of for 5 hours , nobody's calling anyway. Cell phones have ruined our lives. Just waiting on the ending to this sad boring story/life. Let me go to the store and buy something to distract myself from reality.
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