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  1. Opened my new CD replacements and one was cracked and the other stopped playing during song cat play time went to a couple stores washed 75% of the dishes 🍽 feed outdoor cat and birds work 8 hours
  2. Getting through my current crisis and getting back to my usual ailments. I would also like to get rid of one other ailment and then I will just have the one ailment instead of all 3 at once. And then there's my car that also has more than one ailment. #lovinglifeNOT
  3. I've been thinking of a dog too and how much more fun it would be. Dogs love to be by your side and walking outside would be fun to. Going in stores clothes cats (some cats) are xxx#!
  4. Idk what that message was about earlier. I've never been in the clouds I was referring to brain confusion from other ailments I am suffering.
  5. Sad. I have came down from being in the clouds and its back to reality. Booooring doing the same thing everyday, cat is miserable, and body aches. In and out , up and down, black and white, truth and lies
  6. Why do so many women black there eyes out with makeup? A little bit is good but the whole eye
  7. Glad that lil babe came back after running into the wilderness you can't leave me eeeeee. Heeee hee
  8. @sober4life I probably just don't know how to cook I can cook hamburger as a patty but the porks and steaks are always tough
  9. A nice fluffy cat. My dream would be a nice silver shaded white color. Or how about a fluffy black one. A fluffy calico would be extraordinary.
  10. Does anyone else think the meats are not like they used to be?
  11. I was yelling at a fast food worker about ordering a cheeseburger combo and then I was sent to jail. I was worried about them stealing my cash and not being able to feed my cat the next day. I woke up and it was over thank goodness.
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