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  1. 2 gigantic packs of quadruple roll toilet paper
  2. My new amazing candle collection. I've never had a collection of anything.
  3. A new fresh body to start over. Not that I want to start over but this is physically and mentally draining
  4. How are people breathing in these mask. I can barely breath sometimes from anxiety and being overweight. This must be a depopulation exercise because wearing these mask alone will **** you. Something was wrong with the bird yesterday. It must be in the air yes that's it, it's in the air so wear your mask!
  5. Another day in hell. What a great life it is. Nobody wants to work so I have to do extra work. I need to start a YouTube channel and start talking nonsense while making money instead of this slavery.
  6. My telephone to keep me company
  7. Over actors on television
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