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  1. Cats is meowing again. It will always have a problem with this. No telling how long I will have this cat considering problems and wanting to get outside to the woods.
  2. Great. It's 100% rain tonight and it's time for bed. #ilovemondays
  3. Not good. My cat has acted pitiful all day and now he's lost his meow. Life is really great when you always have a sick cat 😾
  4. If i had more money I would have tried again. But by then I had lost the job with insurance and wasn't interested in throwing more money away. The only way to have a good life is to be rich or know a doctor in my case.
  5. I think instead of teaching us science and algebra they should teach us stuff that our parents are to dumb to teach us. Like being healthy, real world job skills and the importance of dental care. I would much rather have all my teeth instead of another diploma or degree. 😞 geez louise If this sounds stupid it probably is
  6. Me too me too. I was literally going in for vanity purposes, I wasn't in actual pain. Now I am in pain and will be even more unattractive with a ugly smile. Oh well I can always count on my beautiful personality. 😆😐
  7. Rant Me too on the dental situation. I actually tried to get all my bad teeth fixed and after getting half of the work done with insurance and $400+ cash, it was a wasted effort. Everything he did fell out within months and they redid some, and same thing. My teeth were not even hurting in the areas he was drilling. He turned every tiny hole into a giant hole and here I am with several teeth broke or getting ready to break because they are unfillable. No root canals for me. Please don't go to dental works. That's how corrupt this world is. You can't even trust a dentist to have your best interest.
  8. After watching the news I know that this was all a plan put out by him and many other persons.
  9. The news is making me sick. What a disgusting situation.
  10. How can you have a virus and not be sick. I think the crazy guy was right, their testing for genetic material. Wherever that is. 😷
  11. Received a unexpected refund so I went on a mini shopping spree. Now the stores are out of macoroni cheese cups.
  12. Did my 5 hour house cleaning job, paid a bill, wasted 10$ when I didn't have it to waste 😐, dumped out a whole chicken to the strays 😺 🍗 and creepy critters
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