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  1. I'll take the basis income! I don't want anything from this life so I'll stay at home. And making 8.00 an hour my whole life, im not going to get anywhere anyway.
  2. At this point people should not watch the news if they want to remain peaceful and calm and hopeful for the future
  3. Where's all the alfredo sauce? Must be a cheese issue? Lol
  4. Good: cat really likes his new toy 🐅 Bad: family quarrels all day 😣
  5. Jalapenos, hot and spicy foods, tacos, pickles, cats, peace and quiet
  6. I could have wrote the same post 😕
  7. All these people in charge are getting away with everything, so now people are doing whatever the hell they want, I don't think it's God. Everyone I know who has been religious or very involved in the church have been the worst people ive ever known, being fake in one light, and abusing their children and treating family friends and neighbors like sh#t because of their big time beliefs and brainwashing 😶
  8. Looking forward to a hot fourth of July celebration. Or not I don't know.
  9. Sad wishing I could live in a movie or in the 80s or disco era. But I would have to be someone else not me because I would still be miserable if I were still me.
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