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  1. Hi I am new to the board and I hoping to find some much needed support as I continue to struggle with my Mixed Affective Disorder (bi-polar) and my serve anxiety. Only around 6 to 7 weeks ago I swithed medications again and my body seems to struggle to find something it will torlate. I have had a load of tests in regards to the dizzness and heavy head, along with the headaches I am getting often. All the results have come back clear and I am still no closer to working out what is causing it. Needless to say I am already struggling to motivate myself and feeliing light headed at times and the world spinning just seems to make it even harder to get going. I feel I can't sleep at niight but could easliy lay down and sleep during the day given the chance. I am just really struggling, I don't want to talk to anyone, everything just feels to hard, but it is so hard to explain that to anyone who doesn't suffer from a form of depression. When I suddenely do feel like opening up about it, to get it off my chest. I get told the standard reply, it will be alright, its all good, and trying to end the topic as quick as possible. thanks for reading!
  2. Thanks, taysmom1016, I am on medications, been trying different ones over the past 4 years especially, just don't feel anything works all that well for very long. A couple of ones I found to work fantastically well, seemed to give horrible ongoing side effects. So I am still very much a work in progress. I have and are currently seeking professional help, I have tried different ones and I don't feel any better, in fact I find it just brings up things in the past I would rather forget, instead it feels like they need to re-hash old stories. My 2 kids are aware that I am not the best and they are actually really good, but I feel guilty that I never seem to feel up and bubbly like I should be for the. Last year I had Hysterectomy after 4 years of ongoing flooding, bleeding and serve pain. The hormone medications just played with my head so much, it was then I went to psychiatrist around 3 years ago and was diagnosed with secondary Mixed Affective Diesorder. All those hormones medications had just taken its toll. Now 12 months post surgery now, I am still fighting a major battle that I unfortunately thought was going to improve after having my Hyster and coming off all these horrible hormone meds. It has not be case, now I just feel lost and I think it is because I used to blame my hormones for it all.
  3. Hi, I am in my mid 30's and I have been suffering depression for many years, only in recent years have I been diagnosed with Mixed Affective Disorder (apart of Bi-Polar) and serve anxiety! I am really battling my inner demons at the moment and outside pressures are taking it's toll on me, I am trying to don the brave face, but to be honest I feel like the hole is closing in on me. I thought that maybe coming onto an online forum might be helpful, right now anything has to be better than the feeling of just wanting to sleep and feeling fed up. I have young kids and just can't simply do that! thanks for reading!
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