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  1. * Anyone on Pristiq also known as desvenlafaxine now or before? I take 50 mg at night n 50 mg in the morning. It caused nausea in the morning n makes me very sleepy as I keep yawning through out my working hour. Can u share your experience?
  2. Thanks to your reply. I tried to read book like mindfulness for depression....as I read it, there is a sense of guilt in me for taking office time to do reading...and that caused my mood spiral down...
  3. For introduction, I am on Setraline (Zoloft), Mianserin, Klonopin and Olanzepine for major depression disorder I am working...my problem is there is not much work to do. It is really difficult to sit in the office from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm without doing anything! Fyi, I did thought of discussing with my boss or request to change to other department where there are things to do. However, I do not have the courage to do so because I have experienced high stress work and subsequently breakdown (unable to work for 3 months). This environment has caused me the following symptom: 1. Low mood 2. No motivation 3, Scared of new challenges 4. Don't know what to do 5. Losing control and directionless 6. Lost of sense of belonging 7. Struggling n losing interest in life 8. Stiff neck 9. Hopeless 10. Low Self esteem 11. Fear of failure 12. Insecurity. It is a big dilemma for me...it seems like no way out....where do i go from here?
  4. I had my second episode of depression in 2014 n still not well. I hv tried 6 psychiatric but I'm back to square one. Does anyone here has any successful story to tell on your visit to psychiatric n heal by anti depression?
  5. Good morning guys. Just to share...this morning around 5.30 I did my body scan meditation but the focus was just vivid. Later after breakfast, I was suddenly attack by acute anxiety that causes me to vomit. The anxiety was so intense that I hv to curl myself on my meditation mat. I tried to breath...but hardly feel it. Then I just let it be...going through the event...slowly about 15 mins, my breath came back...the anxiety slowly disappear ...n I could breath normally. I think the key to recovery is to " let it be for a while" n the awareness of the breath will come back. I'm alright now in office.
  6. There are days that you think or feel that you can't function. But pls don't completely give up even though functionality is only 1%. Slowly build it up...pause if you must...and then continue with those baby steps. Have a good week my friends.
  7. Hello friends. May peace be with you. The books below have up to now heal my depression/anxiety between 60-80%. I have also started tapering off my anti- depression. Life with mindfulness plus light yoga movement certainly work well for me. So, please have a read at the books below. There is nothing to lose. We can even discuss about it sometime later. Hug. Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World By Mark Williams Full Catastrophe Living (Revised Edition): Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness By Jon Kabat-Zinn For light yoga exercise, you may refer to
  8. BLOG: depressionmythoughtprocess.wordpress.com Yesterday (Monday), my productivity level at work was almost zero. For a start, getting to work was a dread. When I reached the office, I was totally lost on what to do and feel disconnected with my work. I was procrastinating and just feeling sad at the thought that why I have changed from an energetic worker to a down cast one. At lunch time, I thought very hard on how to move the day on. Finally, I thought of something that I could do. I went back to the office after lunch with great enthusiastic. However, I was very unmotivated and lazy. At about 4.30 pm, I could not take it anymore. I needed help. So I text my meditation teacher asking him, “Do you think it is possible for mindfulness to increase motivation in a workplace?" I was glad that he replied by saying, “That is an interesting question!” He then provided me with a couple of mindfulness tips which I absorbed it eagerly. However, it was toward the end of the day, and I went home having zero productivity. Nonetheless, the tips were lingering on my thoughts until this morning (Tuesday). Since the day has just started, I applied my teacher’s guidance without hesitation. First, I asked what I am thinking now. My mind was filled with the thought of an uphill task. That is right; I was thinking it is difficult to complete much work today. I then checked my feeling, and I felt that my stamina was low. Finally, I notice the sensation in my body, and I was having a tight chest. I made more room and space for all the thought, feeling and sensation to exist in my body and mind. Meaning I tried to aware of it and befriend it. I could notice the desire to resist or reject those unpleasant and unwanted feelings and sensation. So, I need to change from what I wanted it to be into just acknowledged and allowed it to be there and still treat myself kindly and patiently. By doing so, slowly I feel liberated from fighting a tiring battle. I could be aware that my stamina and focus were returning and the sense of purpose as well as connectivity with my task seems clearer. By 9.30 am, I returned to my task and applied the technique of being mindful. Allowing myself some time and space with on and off practicing 3-minute breathing space, I could persevere through the whole journey. Finally, as the clock showed 5 pm, I reflected back my productivity for the day and happily rated it as 80%. It was amazing as yesterday it was 0% and today’s achievement was significant. While thanking my teacher, he humbly said it was my own effort, and he is just showing the way. I have to do all the walking! He reminded me that mindfulness is about being aware without judgement, whether it is pleasant or unpleasant experience. In conclusion, today I learned to appreciate what is pleasant experience and do not fight the unpleasant one. Being its friend, it was so much liberating and able to move forward.
  9. You are welcome Hermitic. Yesterday my productivity level at work shoot up to about 80%. It was amazing. Will share how I achieved this in another post perhaps by end of the day. take care with compassionate love
  10. My Blog : depressionmythoughtprocess.wordpress.com Sunday is always a challenging day for me. My mood will be getting lower and lower as the day past…leading to Monday, which is a working day. This Sunday, as usual I woke up early around 6.30 am. Already feeling not good…tired and low mood…I quickly brushed my teeth and had breakfast. I could not wait to calm myself down by doing mindfulness meditation. I am a beginner in this practice and still experiment with it every day. Yesterday (Saturday), I tried out the body-scan meditation with the help of the audio guided by Jon Kabat. However, I suffered a headache instead. My teacher suspected that I might not be sleeping well during the night. This is true because I kept getting up at night. He thinks that I may not be in a good condition to practice it at the moment. I guessed it must be due to my low energy level. However, I tried it again on Sunday at 7 am. This time without the audio helps. It went well, and I did not get any headache. I could be aware of most of the thoughts that arose during the session without judging it but cultivating compassion for me. In fact, I found body-scan meditation is one of the most relaxing exercises, and it brings the anxious thoughts to a calming state. This makes my mind clearer and ready for further activities. So, once the meditation session ended, I managed to activate my exercise mode by going for a walk in the park for an hour. This was followed by a stop in a restaurant and enjoyed the food there. Nearing noon, I tried the sitting-meditation. I knew this is very important as it is vital to be able to have a good sitting posture in order to develop further in this practice. I usually did not like sitting meditation because it causes back ache. Nonetheless, I just want to experience it this time to see how much I can persevere. So guided by Jon Kabat audio, I did the sitting meditation for 40 minutes. I was very happy that I could go through it. It was not that scary as 40 minutes just passed in an instant. My mood was great after doing it. Around 3 pm, I repeated the body-scan meditation and this time I was guided by Jon Kabat’s audio recording. It works well as I could refine the experience by breathing into the focused part of the body and breathe out from it through my nose. I could feel energised after the practice and have less disturbing thought. In the evening around 6 pm, I tried movement / stretching exercise and 3-minute breathing space meditation. I did well in both and found it to be very interesting and helpful. After dinner, around 8.30 pm, I did the sitting-meditation again. Although I dozed off a little bit, I successfully completed it in about 40 minutes. In conclusion, I could rate my Sunday as 80% well compared to the usual Sunday, which was negative 100% good-meaning terrible. Perhaps I have found a solution on how to go through my Sunday without much worrying or ruminating.
  11. Be free...Time to let go 5 years ago, I brought you home...u r only one inch big. Today you hv grown to be 6 inch in length and 4 inch wide. It's time to let u go back to the nature as you need a bigger home. May you be well and happy ...and probably find your mates. I'm going to miss you but I'm happy n proud of you. It's time to let go...swim n be free- releasing my turtle to the nature.
  12. i m suffering from low mood most of the days. I hv taken cymbalta n lithium close to 2 months. Why is the medicine still not working?
  13. Dear Freckled Face, I visited my doctor last Saturday n visited my therapist last Thursday. I go for morning walk n swim/gym workout daily. I live alone thus no one to confide with. Thanks for your kind reply
  14. Today is Sunday...and I hv yet to see any ray of hope concerning my illness. Tomorrow, every one else is going back to work...while yet another week for me to hide at home. I m feeling very low mood....wondering when will the medicine will take effect. I m scare....really scare....that I can't be back to normal just as prior to the depression. Help me please...help me!!!
  15. Hi Freckled Face, Thanks for the welcoming message. Your message came right after my workout in the gym. Will browse thru various forums as suggested by u.
  16. Dear Ladyday, Your advice concerning my work is well noted with thanks. I do hope my medication work as I m still waiting for some sign of improvement
  17. Dear Ladyday, Thank you for your encouraging notes. I m trying my best in my daily activities which includes half hour of morning walk n swimming in the evening. Besides that I m listening to audiobooks as well as reading. I feel bad for taking off...just like running away from responsibilities. As a matter of fact, losing two of my staffs trigger my depression as I can't handle 3 persons job in my work place. Everyday I feel good after I taken the methylphenidate in the morning. But the effect last for only 2 hours. From then on my mood is very low until sleeping time at 9 pm.
  18. Hi, my name is Shawn, male 45. I hv been diagnosed of having major depressive disorder by my psychiatrist. I m now taking lithium, cymbalta, Lorazepam, methylphenidate and thyroxine It's already almost 2 months that I m on medical leave n still not sure when can I go back to work. I m really panic now becoz I don't feel that I m getting any better n concern on when I can go back to work. Anyway I m glad to join this forum n meeting all of u
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