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  1. A great majority as to why I play video games so much is because it is a coping method of mine. There are some days where I don't really feel like playing the game, but I end up playing anyway, to escape from everything else. I can (and sometimes do) waste my whole day playing steam games, just because it helps me escape better than other things.

  2. I am very bad at introductions but I'll do my best :laugh:


    My name's Gina; I turned 18 last week. I'm a big bundle of disorders, really: depression (my earliest memory is about age 10), self harm, eating disorder, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder. :rock:  I love to write, as you can tell by my username! :coffeebreak: :book:  I found this site about an hour ago by clicking on an old link about anxiety linked with IBS. I'm still trying to figure it out soooo yes :D I look forward to hanging around here with people who can understand. :hugs: :bear_wub:

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