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  1. I always fail myself as well as others. Happiness for me is better self destructed. I'm a self starter with a broken coil. I understand the need to be, but can't help being hopelessly stuck at sea. I don't regret the choices I've made. Just the pain I've caused and continue to cause by my ill advised action. I know no one is better off with me. So I'll keep pushing away and pushing away Until its only... me.
  2. If you learn how to shut yours up, can you teach me?
  3. My memory is shot from meds. It's both good at times, and rather annoying at others. I feel like a mole emerging from a dark burrow.
  4. Spent too much money, and time enjoying 'things' today. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I feel 'meh'.
  5. Job hunting is very hard. I know it sounds fairly common to hear this, but keep trying. One of those applications is bound to work out. Try to stay positive! I'll be rooting for ya!
  6. Thanks Brian, I'm not too down right now luckily. Mostly I just came back to try to reconnect with society a little bit lol. I feel like... a watermelon that's being savagely ripped into by a hoard of children in the middle of summer. Love ya all.
  7. I feel detached this morning. Also, my leg keeps twitching.
  8. Sour I've never been that sweet. I guess you could say I'm quite sour. Drag a branch over my taste buds. The damp wood will awaken my misery. The seasons change much too slowly. I wish one moment for blazing sun and the next dreary rain. I've never been that sweet. One could say - I prefer to be sour.
  9. I feel like a wrecking ball crashing through my own palace of glass. Shards of my reflected visage litter the floor in a dizzying array.
  10. Looking up at the ceiling and trying to figure out what to do with my day. Maybe write. Maybe workout. Who knows?
  11. I'm curled up because I love the feeling of warm blankets.
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