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  1. Thank you everybody for you're words. Its great to get some support and suggestions. I have thought about seeking some help but have always felt a bit stupid. Maybe its time I got over that and made some calls.
  2. Hi everyone, thought I would say hello... Female, 32 and not sure if I belong here or not. In fact from reading some stories on here I feel a bit of a fraud. I dont know if im depressed or not but I sure feel like I need support. Just coming out of a 10 year relationship, its been 6 months and I feel ok with it apart from the future which at the moment feels very blank. I have no plan and the last 10 years have been wiped out. Over the last few months its getting harder to get up in the morning, sleep is my new escape and when Im not at work I do nothing. The motivation has left me. To do anything even small stuff I feel I have to do battle with my mind first. Its starting to dawn on me that the way I feel isnt just because I have had a busy week at work or because Im lazy but maybe its something more. Hoping coming on here will help me with whatever is going on in me. So hello everyone :)
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