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  1. Please be careful with this type of thing...if you truly feel there is serious cause for concern, you really should contact someone in the local police dept to delve into the information during an official investigation...I hear you about not causing a scene and I applaud the restraint...however, if something untoward has happened, you can never know how far someone will go to protect themselves from discovery...I would hate for something to happen to you because you stumble onto something incriminating to a stranger capable of even abusing someone much less something worse...please be safe
  2. hello Skye, I'm glad to see you post here but terribly sorry for the circumstance. It seems as though your friend, Nyla, was going through a lot of turmoil and experiencing some trauma in her relationships across the board...it must have been quite a shock to discover that she was gone...i have experienced this type of loss myself, and please try to remember that her choice in no way was any fault of yours....that guilt will try to creep into the grieving process. not knowing how to feel is quite acceptable, let yourself be open to all the feelings that follow such a loss and I'd like to encourage you to continue visiting us here at DF and sharing your thoughts, feelings and experiences...reach out when you need to...someone is always listening here...I wish you peace and understanding.
  3. It's 15 degrees Fahrenheit...the sun is mocking me
  4. No doubt mark is right about hopelessness kinda being a thing here at DF...I'd just like to say that your worth is not determined by society Kenneth, it must be determined by you...I can't say i agree that just because someone's alive they have worth, i believe it's completely what we do with being alive... The fact that you posted here at all proves to me that you believe you have worth and that's a great start! It might be good to explore other therapist options if this one doesn't seem to care... And we are here at DF to be friends and offer support for those of us who need it...scout around here and see if you can find someone you might be able to help in a different area...that will certainly give you a kick start of hope and self worth and maybe we can help you out of this rut! Take care, Jenerator
  5. sooo happy to hear you're doing swell evin! new paths are the best roads i think...many hugs and much love right back atcha!! ♠

  6. Hi Jen!!!!! Thanks for all the love! lotsa love and hugs back to you my friend!!! so glad to see you again! all is good here!! finding new paths and all is going well!! xoxo

  7. *WAVE*

    hope all is well with you hun!

  8. hi astronaut...i'm not sure how old you are, but is it possible that you are confusing your trust and love for your cousin with other emotions? it certainly can be almost intoxicating to have someone understand what we are going through in depression and it makes absolute sense that you are feeling this way...the problem with having more than a 'family' type relationship with someone you are related to is the awkwardness you describe as well as the issue of what would the rest of the family think...i think the best thing going for you is that you are 2 females, therefore reproduction is not an option, which is a major factor in society's discouraging things like this... the question you have to ask yourself it how important is the rest of your family's opinion in this to you...if you feel strongly enough about your cousin to fly in the face of convention and be together regardless of the consequences, then by all means, do what makes y'all happy! at some point in life it becomes clear that often our decisions don't mesh with what our families would want, and in this situation, if at all possible, perhaps following your heart will involve moving away to where no one knows the 2 of you are related while also being honest with your family and letting the chips fall where they may...this may end up being a lonely existence regarding the rest of your family, but again, it's a question of how important is their view of you versus how you feel about your cousin...of course, something else to consider is that family is generally forever and maybe it is important to take baby steps with this if you plan to move forward with your cousin...it is also a distinct possibility that you have not acquired enough experience yet to have found someone not related to you that you trust enough to open up to and feel the same way about and can possibly make you equally as happy as your cousin does...this is certainly a tough position and i do not envy what you will be experiencing in the future, but i can let you know that the DF family is always here to listen and offer understanding and compassion without judging you jen
  9. her heart is pregnant with the graves of stillborn love

  10. drive-by *wave*

    hope you're doing alright!

  11. drive-by *wave*

  12. drive-by *WAVE*

    hope all is well!!!


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